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    Ohio Complete Chilling & Recirculation: CFC + Chugger Pump + All the Camlock quick disconnects needed

    Changing my setup. Up for sale is everything you need to quickly and efficiently chill your wort: Chugger Pump - Center intake; plus: mounting bracket 1/2" stainless steel Camlock male couplings ("quick disconnects") Counterflow Chiller; plus: 1/2" stainless steel Camlock male quick...
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    Recipe to show contribution of home grown hops

    Thanks all for weighing in. The 2.5 oz weight is after drying them. The hops were given to me fairly freshly harvested, and I weighed them in at 6.5 oz before drying them further. My first time working with fresh hops. Was a little shocked when they 'shrunk' by over 60%.
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    Recipe to show contribution of home grown hops

    I was gifted 2.5 oz of cascade hops grown just for fun by a friend of a friend. They don't brew. I thought it'd be fun to brew something to show the contribution those hops make to beer. So, I was thinking that I'd brew 10 gallons of something, split it at the end. 5 gallons stays untouched. 5...
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    HAPPY St. Patrick's Day INKBIRD Giveaway

    Pick me coach!
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    CFC Cleaning

    Did you try this CPAP cleaning brush?
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    Can you believe it's been TEN YEARS? Anniversary Sale + Giveaway @ Kegconnection.com

    I'm in! Tonight I'm kegging for the first time. Adios bottles.
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    Ohio Complete eBIAB set up, tons of stuff

    Cincinnati area folks - I'm headed up to rynd96's tomorrow. I could pick this up & bring it back to you if we can make arrangements here quickly.
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    Chocolate Habanero Porter - Vanilla Chocolate Porter - Robust Porter

    I can't say I recall exactly, I might have baked them to 'clean' them up. Although since I soaked them in bourbon, too, it doesn't seem like that should be necessary. As a side effect, I found it took away some of the heat. Maybe I knew that and that's why I baked them? Again, that wouldn't...
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    Ohio FS - Kenmore upright fridge

    I'm interested and in your area. Can you send pics? Model number?
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    Is this what a bottle bomb looks like?

    Most of the time, maybe all of the time, the temp when I bottle is the highest temp after the end of fermentation, which will be whatever I've been controlling it to with a heat blanket or swamp cooler. But still, this is news to me. I'd never been entirely sure why the calculator had included...
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    Is this what a bottle bomb looks like?

    I had opened a bottle after 3-4 weeks of conditioning, and I opened another bottle last night after about 8 weeks of bottle conditioning. Both were put in the fridge for 5-7 days before opening. Each showed the same behavior- no gushing, no excess carbonating in the bottle even after opening and...
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    Is this what a bottle bomb looks like?

    Honestly I imagined there'd be more shards of glass. Found this bottle with the bottom in two pieces inside the crate surrounded by all the other bottles which are undamaged. What do I do with the rest of the bottles? They've been conditioning for almost two months. Can I de-cap and re-cap...
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    Austin brewery suggestions

    Jester King was an experience. I'd recommend it. There was not a lot of middle ground with their beers but I found a couple on tap that I liked and took chances on a couple bottles that were good. Really enjoyed the place and it's surroundings. Friendly staff & brewer, too. Unfortunately we'd...
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    Austin brewery suggestions

    I'm on my way to Austin for a few days. Visiting family who are not beer drinkers but have offered to stop at some breweries during the city tour they've planned. For options, Brewery tours or interesting spaces might be of interest to the non beer drinkers. But what would you suggest...
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    Mash out water volume considerations?

    The mash out water is part of the batch sparge. If I bother to mash out, I sparge what's in the tun, then add the next batch of sparge water (3 or 4 gallons depending) at 170F. Maybe I've been doing it wrong. Sometimes I don't get enough wort and I run a third batch of water through. Though I...
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    Water top-off

    I just added some top-off water to my wort. First time I've done that in quite a while. Since switching to all grain. I'm paranoid, so I boiled it first. But I never had a problem when I was topping off my extract brews with tap water. Risk from the water should be low, much lower than other...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I decide to take a stab at Charlie's old coconut curry hefeweizen. Smelled delicious while cooking it up. Time to go chill it, pitch, & clean up.
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    I've given up on dry hopping.

    In your experience, how much wort is absorbed with a 5oz flameout addition? I always seem to end up short on wort after a big hop addition. Even after I keep adjusting up.
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    Advice on connectors/connections

    Put those elbows any place you have long tubing, or can't guarantee a straight and supported run of tubing. I tried going with minimal elbows. Just one on each end of tubing that connects to the pot's valve and the pump's intake. But the tubing I used on to connect out of the pump and into...
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    Advice on connectors/connections

    The pins can be used to lock the arms/wings so they can't be closed (if open), or can't be opened (if closed). I've never come across a time when I would want to lock them in place. The rings - I'd sort of assumed they were there to hold the pins so you wouldn't lose them. But I've had pins...