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  1. jbrookeiv

    Southern Star Stout BIAB 75% efficiency

    The one gallon batch will probably be tasty. I really enjoy super hoppy stouts, or are they Black IPAs at that point?
  2. jbrookeiv

    Will a propane grill boil wort?

    I would think it would effect it too much, if it can boil 7.5 gallons of water, it should boil 7.5 gallons of wort just fine.
  3. jbrookeiv

    Will a propane grill boil wort?

    One easy way to find out, give it a try! :mug:
  4. jbrookeiv

    BIAB Experiment

    More loss when transferring from the fermenter since there is a lot more trub in the fermenter.
  5. jbrookeiv

    BIAB Experiment

    Nope, standard mill. I'm using paint strainer bags, which are definitely courser.
  6. jbrookeiv

    BIAB Experiment

    Similar to this? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001C04FJY/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 I have noticed my wort is very cloudy with BIAB.
  7. jbrookeiv

    Old, yet un-opened grain

    Brew something up with it, use cheap yeast and hops. It'll probably turn out ok, if not, no huge loss. 2oz of hops and a packet of dry yeast, maybe 1/2 lb of crystal, you're out $5 max.
  8. jbrookeiv

    I need help with my first saison recipe

    I'd switch over to 3711, attenuates like a freaking beast, and it'll do it quickly.
  9. jbrookeiv

    Why BIAB?

    I have a water volume calculator on my site. http://beerreviewdude.com/biab-calculator
  10. jbrookeiv

    No-Sparge BIAB Water Volume

    That should be fine. If you add to much, just crank the burner and boil for a little while longer, but that will change your bitterness.
  11. jbrookeiv

    No-Sparge BIAB Water Volume

  12. jbrookeiv

    No-Sparge BIAB Water Volume

    I generally squeeze the bag as much as possible, and also sparge most of the time. If I want to sparge, I just subtract ~2 gallons from the initial strike volume and sparge with that. I've embed the spreadsheet on my blog, might be easier to use there...
  13. jbrookeiv

    No-Sparge BIAB Water Volume

    Here's an Excel calculator I put together, works perfect for me. http://beerreviewdude.com/biab-calculator/
  14. jbrookeiv

    3lbs rye, 9 lbs barley, BIAB, too sticky?

    Probably don't need to worry about nothing draining with BIAB. Just pick up the bag and squeeze.
  15. jbrookeiv

    3lbs rye, 9 lbs barley, BIAB, too sticky?

    1.16 qt/lb is pretty thick for BIAB. You could try it, but I would definitely sparge. If you can fit more strike water, you should.
  16. jbrookeiv

    More efficient use of hops

    Makes since. The alpha acids from the late addition hops wouldn't be completely isomerized because they wouldn't have been boiled for long enough. $4 per batch worth of hops (average price) could save a good bit of money in the long run.
  17. jbrookeiv

    Store Grain in Keezer?

    Do as Walker says, pick up two 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot for $6 and call it a day. Air tight, you could probably put them in your keezer without any problems, except maybe wasting valuable keezer space.
  18. jbrookeiv

    Shelf life of milled grains

    I think you'll be fine. I've had sealed, milled grains sitting around for a few weeks, and it was a non-issue, the beer tasted great.
  19. jbrookeiv

    Destroyer Of Faces IIIPA Question...

    I'm pretty sure you're mistaken. They are all essentially the same, just different names. http://www.rebelbrewer.com/shoppingcart/products/Columbus-Hops-(US)-%252d-1oz.-Pellets.html