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    Why not more interest in 10 gallon batches?

    I began this hobby on my stove. I moved to a three tier system in my garage. Then I went to a five gallon single tier with pump on my patio. As I did so I knew I would move to a ten gallon system so I began building what I needed to do so. I converted from LP gas to natural and set a goal...
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    New Brewery - Test with ten gallon batches, or, the fifteen gallon maximum capacity?

    Later today I will pick up my new HLT. That will complete a process resulting in the move from a ten gallon to a fifteen gallon brewery. I will of course need to dial in my equipment and set up my software etc. My question, I am used to brewing 10 gallon brews. Should I continue to do so...
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    Long ferment?

    And at what temperature are you fermenting? Also, what is the temp range of the yeast you are using?
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    Over fermentaion?

    Are you using a hydrometer to indicate fermentation is complete? Two readings, a day apart that read the same indicates it is beer. Dry hopping is after that initial fermentation. So, when the period you want to dry hop is up, it is ready. Airlock activity means nothing. Ever.
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    How fast do you brew

    My friend is a bass fisher guy. Boat is like 30K. Truck to haul it is 40K. Leaves home on a Saturday morning at 5:00AM back Sunday night around 6:00PM. He just spent $400.00 to do what his hobby needs. I spend 7-8 hours on a ten gallon home brew. When my friend gets home I invite him to...
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    Ten Gallon, Keg as a Boil Kettle, 90 Min Boil

    Beersmith gives me about 13.5 gallons for a ten gallon, 60 minute boil. When increasing to a 90 minute BS provides 15.24 gallons.
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    Ten Gallon, Keg as a Boil Kettle, 90 Min Boil

    Anybody here brew ten gallons using a converted keg and boiling for 90 minutes? I batch sparge and add my first runnings to the boil kettle. I then use two sparges. I add what I can to the boil kettle so I have 13.5 gallons in the kettle and bring it to the boil. Using what is left for...
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    Easiest/Cheapest Way to Get Into All Grain?

    Whatever direction a new brewer takes as he/she begins upgrading, I recommend they keep one simple factor in mind. Buy equipment one time. If you know you want to get into bigger beers or more volume, design your kettle and mash tun to handle them right from the start. Don't waste money...
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    Oktoberfest Ale

    That is so correct. At some point, when we brew 10 gallon batches and have four styles in the pipeline and a couple serving, we are just fine. :D
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    Mash tun question

    If you have Beersmith, poke around in it. I believe BS will tell you if you have enough room for a recipe or not.
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    What's your local going price for 50lbs of 2 row?

    I drive 15 miles to Wind River. It is priced at $39.95 a sack and then I get a 10% discount as I am a member of a local brew club.
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    Buying a new rig for AG

    This is great advice. The one thing new brewers could learn early on is not to buy equipment twice. Don't put yourself in a position to have to go back and upgrade.
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    Too much information! Need help simplifying AG

    Take a deep breath. Sit down with a quality commercial beer and read. Then ask. Read some more and eventually you will figure out the direction you want to take with this hobby.
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    help with first time using 5.2 mash stabilizer and campden tabs

    I store my jar of 5.2 in my Barley Crushers hopper so I don't forget to use it. Then when I go to crush my barley I add the 5.2 to the grist. It all goes in the mash tun waiting for the strike water.
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    8 gallon batches - what to use for fermenter

    I use two five gallon carboys. It works great with blow off tubes.
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    Question about 5.2 PH stabilizer

    I crush my grains the night before a brew day. I add it to the grist when I am finished preparing it. I store my jar of 5.2 in my Barley Crushers grain bin. Then, I simply add the 5.2 to the top of my grain bill ready to pour into the mash tun the next day.
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    Why is my efficiency declining?

    Have you checked your thermometers of late? If they are off, you may not be converting what you used to.
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    Going to 10 gallon batches....

    I take it that your brewing stand will be able to handle the extra weight? Don't drop 14 gallons of boiling stuff all over yourself please.