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    nugget nectar

    cool! thanx for the post that looks like one of the best clone recipes I have seen for the NN. I will probally use that with some slight modification. Once we make our clone and see how it turns out I will definatally post my results. If anyone else has a clone of the NN that they like still...
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    nugget nectar

    yea I searched the site but could not find a definate winner. Just hoping to get a little more info. Would like to see a recipe that someone did and can tell me how it turned out
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    nugget nectar

    I have seen a couple threads on how to clone the NN. Have not seen a definate recipe or any final comparison between the real thing and the homebrew. If anyone has made this and it came out really close I would love to see what hop schedule was used. On the Troegs site the say the hops used are...
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    Avery "The Maharaja"

    Wow thats nice truck mann! Just had a Maharaja the other day it is a tatey beverage thats for sure. I may try to make a 5 gal batch because it was so good. I would do 10 but all my set up is for doin 5:)
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    Stoudt's American Pale Ale clone

    My buddies and I are interested in making a clone of the Stoudt's American Pale Ale Hoping that some one may know a recipe. If any one has any input it would be nice. Thanxs:)
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    Stoudt's APA Clone Help?

    The Stoudt's website lists the type of malts and hops just no amounts
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    substitution question

    yea I was a bit confused by the substitute also. I definatally wan an OATMEAL stout so maybe I will go ahead and just add them in. My LBHS als forgot my bittering hops (galena). I will have to make sure that I am there when any other grain bills are filled by him I guess. any way
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    substitution question

    A friend and I are going to clone Ipswich oatmeal stout(partial mash). So my friend takes our grain bill to our LHBS and the guy at the shop substituted victory malt for my flaked oats(that we were going to toast). It would not be a big deal but all the grain was milled together so I cant just...
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    hop substitutions

    I am going to brew a clone of ipswich oatmeal stout..the recipe calls for galena hops but I do not have those readily available... I do have centinnial on hand.. and can readily get Hallertauer, Willamette, U.K Northern brewer, saaz, and cascade. would any of those make a good sudstitute? or...
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    The same yeast?

    thanks. the pale ale has started to culture already but it looks like the two hearted sample is also about to go. The only thing I am worried about is some sort of contamination to the yeast and I end up with somthin funky to make my beer with. Hope it will be okay. I also have a vile of...
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    The same yeast?

    I am going to try a clone recipe for bells two heated.. I started a culture of the yeast to use for the brew.. I got the yeast from bells pale ale also.( in seperate starters of course) The yaest from the pale ale looks like it is starting back up better than my two hearted sample.. I guess I am...
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    Bell's Hop Slam

    That is a great beer!!! I like everything I have had from Bells. Great brewery would love to visit it some day for the tour!
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    somebody has to know

    COOL! that is nice to know
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    somebody has to know

    That was more of an answer than I have gotten from anyone else so thanks. I would think that it would last a while as long as it is in an air tight container. I was hopping to maybe stock up for a couple of recipes. Thanks for the input!:mug:
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    somebody has to know

    Somebody has got to know about how long grain will keep for after cracked. Seems like everyone I ask says the same thing..... I never keep mine long enough to find out!
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    ther was oatmeal in an ingrediant kit I got for a Belgian Wit from my LHBS
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    Adding Orange peel and Coriander

    I also did a belgian wit and I put my corrander and orange into a small muslin bag to help contain them instead of just tossing them in the boil
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    Oatmeal Sout so delish!

    :mug:me too. I made 2 english nut browns 1 pm and 1 extract and a belgian wit that was a pm. I like those but oatmeal stout is one of my favorites of all time
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    Oatmeal Sout so delish!

    Okay so I have brewed 3 batches now, 1 extact with specialty grain and 2 partial mash. I really like the prtial mash process although I would definatally like to do all grain it is outside my means at the moment. I was hopeing someone would be able to share a lovely partial mash oatmeal stout...