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  1. Sir Humpsalot

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    4860.5 + 3.5 gallons cherry eis + 10 gallons honey lager = 4874
  2. Sir Humpsalot

    NB Hack: Save ~$5 per sack of grain

    Hey folks! I just figured this out today and thought that some of you who can't get in on a group buy might appreciate it. If you are buying a bunch of heavy stuff (such as specialty grains by the pound or malt extract), in addition to a sack or three of grain, from NorthernBrewer, you can save...
  3. Sir Humpsalot

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Just wait till you try my Pale Stout. :mug:
  4. Sir Humpsalot

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I believe you! :mug:
  5. Sir Humpsalot

    Parti-Gyle help

    Another option is to add a bit more grain for your second runnings. There's no reason you must keep the grain bill identical. For example, you could take a bunch of two-row to make a barleywine... and then add some crystal malt and make an amber... or some roasted barley to make a stout. Your...
  6. Sir Humpsalot

    Homebrewing in a CT Condo Complex

    Jamie has some excellent insight. My less-than-truthful suggestion is to start referring to that big pot as your gumbo kettle. You use it to make huge batches of gumbo, although yes, on that day, it so happened you were making beer. Not that cooking gumbo will make a difference, but it will get...
  7. Sir Humpsalot

    Idea for a LHBS / BBQ shop

    another angle to make a buck: Whenever there is a festival or something where food is being sold, even if you aren't putting up your tent and selling food, other businesses are. Combine forces. Take the restaurant who knows how to sell food and has the manpower, see if you can piggy back...
  8. Sir Humpsalot

    Idea for a LHBS / BBQ shop

    Just keep it realistic. You aren't going to sell a lot to college kids. They don't have a lot. However, they are open to trying new things, they are curious, can be whipped up into a little bit of competitive spirit, especially for a good cause or a bit of recognition. And they can say good...
  9. Sir Humpsalot

    Idea for a LHBS / BBQ shop

    That is awesome! I love the pig drinking beer. How's the greek/frat life in your town? Are there any bbq competitions? Being able to supply plans for a 55gallon smokers to fraternities and a such, along with hosting a competition could bring a lot of attention to your endeavor. Don't forget...
  10. Sir Humpsalot

    "So and so" is a beer connoisseur

    I refer to some people as beer common-sewers. They are the ones that soak up all your homebrew but really don't know the difference and would be just as happy getting buzzed on something else.
  11. Sir Humpsalot

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Good question. Hmmmm... I guess I would label them as Failures. But I'm open to other names. Maybe there should be a name that encompasses the types of establishments of which you speak and also the faux-craft beers like Blue Moon and Shock Top. Just call them knock-offs maybe?
  12. Sir Humpsalot

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Correct. I will contend humorously and erroneously, but in all earnesty, that the homebrewer as well as the microbreweries in your home town, unless they have commercials on television or radio, should be considered non-commercial beers. Here's my thinking: We want to encourage good beer. Part...
  13. Sir Humpsalot

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I'm going to try and start a new trend. Instead of calling it BMC, since that name is a little too technical for most beer-drinkers, I'm going to start making the distinction between commercial beer and non-commercial beer. Commercial beer, obviously, are the beers that have commercials on the...
  14. Sir Humpsalot

    Better head retention - through genetically modified yeast?

    I disagree with a lot of that. I don't want foam that lasts for hours. WTF. I would also prefer that genetically modified yeast not be floating around. I will also avoid any brewery that uses genetically modified yeast. However, speaking in terms of science, that is pretty cool.
  15. Sir Humpsalot

    Sam Adams Utopias....Worth it??

    Well, I honestly don't care, personally. However, if you read the title of the thread, that is the question the OP was grappling with. So, I felt it would be rude to post in his thread without doing my best to answer his question. SA Utopias: Is it worth it? I gave the OP an idea of how he can...
  16. Sir Humpsalot

    Sam Adams Utopias....Worth it??

    Good question! For me, I haven't tried Utopias. If the opportunity presented itself, or if I ever saw if for sale or whatever, I would probably buy it, but I haven't sought it out. So I haven't tried to clone it. But I love Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout and have a clone in the fermenter...
  17. Sir Humpsalot

    Sam Adams Utopias....Worth it??

    When did I imply that I didn't think I was guilty of it? I was just sharing my experience for the edification of others. Will Rogers once said, "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment". Just because I've made some purchases in my life that seem pretty...
  18. Sir Humpsalot

    Sam Adams Utopias....Worth it??

    What I said is only condescending if you instinctively identify yourself with the latter group. I stand by my statement and think that plenty of other people can read it without feeling the need to get defensive. I encouraged and endorsed people of modest means finding less expensive means to...
  19. Sir Humpsalot

    Sam Adams Utopias....Worth it??

    It depends on your level of sophistication. If there are 25 other famous beers you could buy for $5 a bottle that you haven't had yet. Or if there are styles of beers you haven't tried yet, where you can get bottles for a reasonable price. Then there is no reasonable excuse to acquire Utopias...
  20. Sir Humpsalot

    supportive wife?

    Haha.. one of my girlfriends got involuntarily and unexpectedly invited to a sour beer tasting. She HATES beers... but really loved sours. When I told her that I inadvertently made a sour by letting wort sit on my stovetop for 4 days without boiling after being called in to work consecutive...