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  1. Passload

    Bottle Sanitization

    They are still sanitized. Use them.
  2. Passload

    Fine Mesh strainer as a "hop spider"

    I agree with David 42. Also the bazooka is designed for whole hops. Be mindful the smaller filter might result in a stuck transfer.
  3. Passload

    TSS2 Display Help

    Thanks to you and ClaudiusB that was it. P0 needed to be set to F. Again thanks.
  4. Passload

    TSS2 Display Help

    It seems to be showing in C. not in F. How do I change it
  5. Passload

    TSS2 Display Help

    Hello, I have purchased the TSS2-2100 with a TS-1 probe. The display temp. is confusing me. I have SP1 set to 50 F. I have P5 set to 1 the temp shows eg.11.5 Please help. J.R.
  6. Passload

    Keggle Strain...???

    It's not attatched it's just held there by the elbow. My pick-up tube is 1/4 inch off of the kettle floor. when I assemble the fittings I place it under the elbow and tighten everything down.
  7. Passload

    Keggle Strain...???

    Here mine from another thread. I only use leaf or plugs.
  8. Passload

    Problems with my come-back brew?

    Yeah, but I don't use a full bucket of star-san. I just hook it up to the bucket and run it through until it runs from the end of the chiller. I then just cap off the ends of the chiller.
  9. Passload

    Problems with my come-back brew?

    I run star-san through mine then cap it off until ready to use.
  10. Passload

    Problems with my come-back brew?

    That yeast will smell like A** So I take it that the yeast are doing the job. I think it will be fine. So RDWHAHB
  11. Passload

    Ranco ETC111000-000 controllers

    Looks like they work.
  12. Passload

    DIY Hopstopper

    I use to use a stainless braid, but it kept clogging. I the switched to the stainless steel srucbby.....you know the ones for srubbing dishes. When I assemble my BK it just goes on the end of my dip tube. Clickable Pics:
  13. Passload

    Cleaning Spigots

    If it looks loke this Then yes the red part comes out. Kinda have to bang it on the counter.
  14. Passload

    $50 in gas!!!!!!!!

    But Officer, I only had three.:drunk: It won't let me change it.
  15. Passload

    $50 in gas!!!!!!!!

    I just scored two five gal kegs at a local gas station. I was filling up and noticed the pepsi truck sitting there. When I went in to pay I asked the delivery guy who I could talk to about getting a keg or two. The delivery guy said "$5 deposit each." Cool so $10 dollars to him two empty kegs to...
  16. Passload

    DIY: 15 Minute Grain Mill

    Tried to send PM, but your inbox is full
  17. Passload

    Finally a Score!!!!

    Finally scored my lager fridge:ban: I found it on craig's list $50. It is a 16 cubic foot GE. I can't wait to get all of the parts together.
  18. Passload

    My MLT and HLT are warping

    When you upgrade I'll gladly recycle those for ya
  19. Passload

    DIY and Funky Homemade parts?

    Link to the Home Brew Talk DIY Section