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    Black Tea and Beer?

    This is a beer I did with chai tea. I wanted a real malty heavier bodied beer, but it turned out watery think i had a bad mash (probably didn't stir enough or something). The taste is real nice other than the wateriness. Use one tea bag at 5 minutes or at flameout and you will get plenty of...
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    Have Belgian Yeast, Will Brew...

    I used the wyeast 1762 (90% sure it was that yeast don't have my brew notes on me right now) on a tripel I did. It tasted like rocket fuel after the first 2 months, but after 6 its tasting really fruity and the alcohol taste is almost completely gone. I probably fermented too hot. I say go...
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    Stone brews

    Im not speaking with alot of knowledge so bear with me. Most brewerys I believe use a house yeast and are tapped in to local water supply. So it could be a combo of the yeast (mentioned above) and the local water.
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    I HATE SMACK PACKS!!!!!!! rant rant rant

    How much homebrew was involved in the fiasco? I can totally see my self pounding brews and knocking the sh_t out of the smack pack, lol.:rockin:
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    I've seen other belgian reciepes with chamomille in them. If your grocery store doesn't have it maybe a spice place would. My wife orders our spices online from Pensey's, they might have it. The online description reads a aromatic flowery herb. Never saw chamomille, but I wouldn't subtitute...
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    Help! Will my yeast be ok?

    kinda defeats the purpose of a starter. You want to get fermentation going so that the yeast is the primary infector not some airborne butt crust from your dog or something. I would either A. do a starter or B. forget the starter and if it doesn't get going in 48 hours run to the LHBS and buy...
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    Spent Grain is Gone!

    I met a hispanic guy on the jobsite who told me he killed them with a rock and a flashlight. I don't think he was kidding either.
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    any good beginner recipes

    I made a fantastic hefe by using wheat dry malt extract and 1 0z of hallertaur pellet hops and activator hefe yeast. Your local brew shop should be able to get you started with something like this. I would highly recommend using dry malt extract rather than liquid, but that is just my opinion.
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    Brutal Bitter Clone

    That would be great. The beer turned out to be great it's only two weeks old and i'd say its my best brew to date. My IBU'S are not near what Rouge's is but the general taste is very similar. I'd like to know how your all grain goes and I can try to mimic it.
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    imperial pilsner

    I find this to be true of the two dogfish head brews I've had. I had the india brown ale and the 60 minutes ipa, both were too sweet and extremely malty for me. I like malty beers, just more bitter rather than so sweet. What do they do to get the beer like that?
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    Crazy drunken idea!

    Maybe lactose (edit just noticed ollllo already mentioned that) would create the creamyness that youre looking for without making it overly sweet. I know people use it in milk stout's to create that effect. Im in North Carolina and a local micro brew Duck Rabbit Head makes a milk stout with...
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    Brutal Bitter Clone

    I think that I decided on crystal because I thought I could get the colour lighter, which was part of the motivation to do the late addition. That's a good thought though because I would like to do a partial mash or all grain version and I could try it with the caravienne or cara wheat
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    Brutal Bitter Clone

    I love Rogue's Brutal Bitter and decided it would be a great beer for the late DME addition method that I learned on the website. I just drank one after 10 days of carbing and it is extremely good with great colour. Not as bitter as the brutal bitter ( which my sweet wife and brew assistant is...
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    A question about Coriander in a porter and another question about yeast

    i usually boil spices for the last tens minutes. a tablespoon is probably too much. I went crazy on a spice beer and now am of the opinion no more than a teaspoon of any spice. you can always drop more in secondary or when bottling if its not enough, but you can never take too much out.