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  1. TeleTwanger

    Glass Carboy: Does it need to be covered?

    I cover mine with a black tshirt. I keep mine in a closet and to check how much light was getting in I got in the closet and closed the door. I could see from the little bit of light coming through the bottom so I put some foam on the bottom and now inside is pitch black. I still cover it...
  2. TeleTwanger

    How long does liquid yeast last?

    my last batch was 2months past the Wyeast 'best by' date and it was fine...Make a starter for sure if in doubt.
  3. TeleTwanger


    ^^^yeah just turn the heat up lol...It will be ok. I would boil for at least 90 minutes though. I've made beer on my BBQ grill which barely managed a simmer...You can cover it say 50% for the first 1/2 hour or so as long as you keep it uncovered for the last 30 minutes.
  4. TeleTwanger

    Carboy question

    I'm all for brown carboys! They would cost probably $100.
  5. TeleTwanger

    Star San and Rubber Stoppers?

    I use iodophor for stoppers because star san makes them too slippery and they pop right out.
  6. TeleTwanger

    Brewing in the 60's?

    Listen to Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin 1969 when he asks, "What are you all drinking in those tall purple cups?" and someone yells out, "Homebrew!"
  7. TeleTwanger

    hows this for a starter?

    I dunno, corn sugar doesn't make a good medium for yeast growth, most people recommend againts it. I would just properly hydrate the dry yeast you have and use that.
  8. TeleTwanger

    Watery IPA...

    with an og of 1.052 and fg of 1.011 it shouldn't be that watery. Victory uses pilsner malt and that beer (hop devil)has a good body with lots of malt backbone. Maybe next time mash a few pounds of vienna malt along with the victory and crystal and maybe throw in some dextrine. Or just use a...
  9. TeleTwanger

    "air" space above beer in bottle, how big?

    I've filled bottles up to the brim and the only downside is that it took 3 months to carb.
  10. TeleTwanger

    Flameout hop addition adds IBUs?

    I find dry hopping verses 0 minute addition produce nearly identical results...I don't calculate bitterness with anything less than 10 minutes.
  11. TeleTwanger

    Using carboy for Primary

    I wouldn't do more than 4 gallons in a 5 gallon carboy. If you are asking how to aerate in a carboy just get a solid stopper and shake the bejeebus out of it several times or use an aeration stone and a fish pump.
  12. TeleTwanger

    Dry hopping???

    too late to do anything now. Trying to get them to sink will probably just end in frustration. I use 1/2" SS ball bearings and a hop sack to weigh down dry hops but, even only half submerged they will still work well enough. So yeah as Sir Paul would say, "Let it be"
  13. TeleTwanger

    BigBen's List O questions

    it depends on what your process is. Traditional English brewers would 'drop' an Ale after the og readings reduced by 50%. They would rack the beer into a secondary vessel where the beer would continue to ferment totally out and after some time clean up by-products. Most people now just let the...
  14. TeleTwanger

    Sugar Figures

    you're both right! That's the problem. 3 different people could measure out teaspoons of sugar and you'll get 3 different weights.
  15. TeleTwanger

    Looking For Pale Ale Suggestions

    they have a pick your own 6pack by me for $8.49 so last time I put 4 dogfish 60 and 2 Anchor Barley Wines in it and got +$10 beer for $8.49 :rockin:
  16. TeleTwanger

    Looking For Pale Ale Suggestions

    Anchor Liberty is a great IPA.
  17. TeleTwanger

    First brew - I want to make it better

    you can easily make that kit into a Dogfish Clone which is pretty much an English IPA made with american hops. The Dogfish is just Pale malt and British Thomas Fawcett amber malt with British yeast, the kicker is the hop type and schedule, warrior, simcoe,amarillo hops thrown in the kettle...
  18. TeleTwanger

    oops when racking to secondary - is it ruined?

    The only real way to determine if it is ruined is to ship everyone who responds in this thread a six pack for an unbiased evaluation.
  19. TeleTwanger

    Question Regarding the Stick-On Thermometers...

    they can be damaged by removing, the numbers will shift and not line up. If one is carefull though they can be removd and reused. I think that they are accurate enough; I've kept fish alive for years using the same stick-on.