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  1. unionrdr

    Interesting pics of life, brewing, whatever

    I found some of those stick-on picture hangers as I was draining Starsan from a FV the other day. They were left over in a package I'd bought to hang the framed coasters months ago now. I'd framed the first set of beer labels, as some of you may know. Completely forgot to post the hung results...
  2. unionrdr

    A funny thing happened on the way to the closet

    I was looking for an old Crossman 760 pump I'd bought for plinking & hunting small game down by The Black River when I was a teen. Searched our MB's closet to no avail. But to what should my trifocaled eyes appear? A nearly complete old 1st variant Crosman model 160! In VGC too. Just needs a...
  3. unionrdr

    New way to filter your beer

    Found this posted on my Facebook page. Goes in line with your racking tube/cane/auto siphon. Doesn't let any air in either. Looks interesting? https://www.facebook.com/bouncer.beer/
  4. unionrdr

    One gallon Lambrusco recipe?

    I haven't made wine in decades, but I find that since SWMBO wants to cook with wine again, and being a type 1 diabetic, beer no longer agrees with her. And since we loved splitting a bottle of Lambrusco when we were dating some 39 years ago, I started collecting equipment to make one gallon...
  5. unionrdr

    Historical Beers East German Kottbusser

    3lbs) Bohemian pilsner malt 3lbs) German wheat malt (Weyermann's) 12ozs) Flaked oats (Briess) 4ozs) Carared (Weyermann's) 4ozs) Acidulated malt (Weyermann's) 4ozs) Rice hulls 3lbs) Pilsner LME (Briess) 1/2) Whirlfloc tablet .6oz) Unsulphured gold molasses 1.3ozs) Honey .65oz) Magnum hops @ 60...
  6. unionrdr

    More ancient recipes, gruits, etc

    I've been busy re-saving all my programs, links, etc after the hard drive software had some problems with playing nice together. So, while looking up my old links to save, I decided to save & post all the cool old, colorful recipes I found on the page with the Mumme I'm about done fermenting...
  7. unionrdr

    New camara got here esrly!

    I've been using the Canon Powershot S2 IS (1994) to shoot all the pics & video y'all have seen. It was 70 bucks plus shipping. I got the Amazon CC, so I got this $105 Powershot SX500 ( 2012) for $60.48 in like-new condition! This thing also has a 200X digital zoom. Dang, that thing is intense...
  8. unionrdr

    Mumme German festival ale, heavy version

    As explained in the other thread, that recipe is a bit lighter English version of the original English recipe @ 7.2%. This one is a hybrid of bittering hops that replace the Blessed Thistle used for bittering in the other recipe. All other gruits remain. In that one, the Themes Valley ale yeast...
  9. unionrdr

    NB 100% wheat beer boil to tasting

    Just watched this video about brewing a 100% malted wheat ale from last April. Thought y'all might find it interesting?...
  10. unionrdr

    Catholic patron saints of beer

    I found another of these dissertations on my Facebook page. Always an interesting read, there's more than Ninkasi involved here spiritually... http://vinepair.com/articles/patron-saint-of-beer/
  11. unionrdr

    Spruce essence for branches?

    The English gruit ale version of the German Mumme I'm fermenting would normally use 2ozs of fir branches in the boil. Couldn't find any when I ordered the gruits, but I do have 2ozs of the essence coming. I'm going to add it to the boiling water for the priming solution. How much of the spruce...
  12. unionrdr

    18th century cooking-fried chicken

    Found this series on YouTube this morning. recipes from 1700-1800, like baked beans, unleavened corn bread, meat pies, pemmican, lots of interesting things. This one's an English fried chicken from 1736. Marinated, battered & fried.
  13. unionrdr

    Mumme'-German gruit ale BIAB

    Since I finally have enough of the ingredients to brew this one, I decided to place the brew thread here from General Beer Discussion before the big move. Old computer hard drive fubared, wife bought me a new one for Father's Day. Lost some files for some reason or other? Found a page with the...
  14. unionrdr

    a series of unfortunate events

    Boy, what a friggin' month so far! car still failed NO part of e-check, needs minimum of head job...maybe rings too, so new head doesn't blow rings. Then one CC double charged on payments, so called & getting money back in a couple weeks that broke the bank, geez. So no money on my phone yet...
  15. unionrdr

    Bodyrodz gravity carts!

    I had a couple beers yesterday while surfing YouTube for something new. I found these " gravity carts" built by guys who were winners at the luge bit. As they got older, they then got into these gravity carts, which are basically racing carts sans motor, tranny & shifter. But still racing slicks...
  16. unionrdr

    Old beer adds, new taglines...

    I was kickin' back, watchin' some old beer commercials on the 'tube & stumbled onto this one. Funny stuff...
  17. unionrdr

    Cool BYO article

    I just saw this posted on my Facebook page. A very good question to ask one's self...http://byo.com/stories/issue/item/3354-does-homebrew-matter-last-call:mug:
  18. unionrdr

    German breweries, hop fields & kolsch

    I found this cool video on YouTube about German breweries, beer gardens, even the Hallertau hop fields. Kolsch as well as other classic German beers & their enjoyment. Good video for a weekend. It's in German, but still interesting...
  19. unionrdr

    Snoop viewing nature...

    This is a funny one from my Facebook page. Snoop Dog narrating a nature show... https://www.facebook.com/PigsAndPlans/videos/10153830030279643/?fref=nf You may have to hit refresh to bring up the rest of the page?...he needs to do more of these!
  20. unionrdr

    Ordinary Bitter Buckeye Bitter

    ********Ingredients**************** 1 can) Coopers English Bitter, international series 3lbs) Munton's plain extra light DME 2ozs) East Kent Golding hops, pellets 7g) Coopers ale yeast, rehydrated ********************************* I boiled 3.5-4 gallons of spring water in my 5 gallon...