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  1. Schumed

    1st Attempt at a Belgian Dubble (BIAB method), w/a twist...

    Trappist yeast all the way
  2. Schumed

    WWII Liquorice Milk Mild help :)

    cascade candi syrup makes a black licorice candy syrup that works really well. This was my recipe that turned out really nice....the belgian syrup you see listed is the licorice candy syrup http://www.cascadebeercandi.com/ecProduct_91_27...
  3. Schumed

    Fruit Loops/Honey Nut Cheerios in Beer?

    Mosiac hops will get you fruit loops and honey malt will get you cheerios
  4. Schumed

    Sour Porter Recipe?

    Look up tart of darkness
  5. Schumed

    Summer recipe

    Gose is a great refreshing beer and base to add fruit ...can be done in about a week using fast sour method
  6. Schumed

    Can you categorize my beer?

    What does it taste like? That should be your guide not the recipe when determining style for bjcp comp I assume
  7. Schumed

    Belgian Candi Sugar

    add candi syrup during fermentation will give you different flavors...making your own is great
  8. Schumed

    Will Simcoe and columbus overwhelm galaxy in this recipe?

    great combo...because you will get tropical and dank which is what a great IPA should be IMO
  9. Schumed

    Recipe Request: BarrelHouse Sunny Daze

    Ask the brewery
  10. Schumed

    Smack pack didn't fully swell, 15 hours later no activity in fermenter

    Sorry meant to say 6 months old...but my statement is the same..expired yeast....it may still start after a few days but severely underpitched.
  11. Schumed

    Smack pack didn't fully swell, 15 hours later no activity in fermenter

    that's expired by over a year....nothing but dead yeast...LHBS sell you that recently???...I would take it back and demand a refund...and pitch some us05
  12. Schumed

    Smack pack didn't fully swell, 15 hours later no activity in fermenter

    Date on the pack...if older than 6 months its basically dead
  13. Schumed

    Citra/Apollo IPA recipe review (please)

    If you dont like onion/garlic I would get rid of the apollo hops fast
  14. Schumed

    Ice cream pale ale

    Club member made one and it was awesome...the trick is to toast your oats ...it will give you that melt ice cream mouthfeel
  15. Schumed

    best dry hopping practices

    One of the keys is fresh hops....add a ton at flameout and whirlpool.for awesome hoppy flavors and aroma...dry hop for 5 days then do another round....never filter hops for best results
  16. Schumed

    Tart Cherry Sour Ale

    not a fan of the wyeast sour blends and lacto ....you can have a nice sour cherry beer in a matter of a few weeks using the sour worting technique.... grain bill looks good skip the hops but do a 15 minute boil ( to kill anything) cool down to 110ish and transfer to fermenter pitch lacto (omega...
  17. Schumed

    Looking for a Pineapple Sculpin Clone???

    Pineapple concentrate
  18. Schumed

    Looking for a Pineapple Sculpin Clone???

    Add pineapple.concentrate to the keg
  19. Schumed

    Planning a BCBS-inspired brew and small beer - critique requested

    Smoked malt is a bad idea for this ...there is an awesome bcbs thread you need to read through