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  1. Wheat King

    Which label do you like?

    i like #3 because it has that retro vibe. looks like a 50's atomic family product label, and i happen to like that. theyre actually all good though, so i dont think you could go wrong with any of them. maybe you should use all 3, on bottles for different batches?
  2. Wheat King

    My latest label

    nice and clean like the colors and i am always a sucker for a nice 'parchment' style background
  3. Wheat King

    My First Labels

    that blonde woman kinda scares me
  4. Wheat King

    New label for my second brew. A Steam(c)(tm)(r) beer

    awesome! im glad you were able to elimiante the white 'glow' from around the image. that robot is freakin sweet!
  5. Wheat King

    Help! Label critique, please.

    yea they look pretty sweet. why not google image search for "parchment" or "old paper" or whatever and just apply the texture in photoshop or gimp or whatever. that way you can make the 'paper' any color you want. that would be super super easy to do
  6. Wheat King

    vanilla porter label

    i like #1 #2 seems too dirty keep it clean thank you thank you
  7. Wheat King

    Label for my "baby beer"

    i like the color scheme you guys picked out for the room!
  8. Wheat King

    This is a fun forum!

    sweet label hahah. it reminds me of the Bud Bowl of course! awesome!!!
  9. Wheat King

    First Label Made

    cool label. at first i thought maybe it was too busy. but then i figured when its wrapped around a bottle it would look sweet. way t go!!!!
  10. Wheat King

    Chubby Kid Gooseberry Cider Label

    kick f'ing ass. nice work
  11. Wheat King

    Next label, need help choosing.

    yea i like the 1st one better
  12. Wheat King

    Second in the series...

    sweet label. i would say the "Aruba Suzie's Wildberry Shiraz" could be enlarged a bit, as there is a lot of negative space around it...but im just being picky.
  13. Wheat King

    gift label - schwarzwald stout

    drinking the last of this batch. call me sentimental or call me drunk...ill miss the sonova bitch.
  14. Wheat King

    Rough Brewery Logo

    crazy. i like what arneba28 said, and i think theyre right. this is a great concept, and could be great with some finessing.
  15. Wheat King

    Agave Wine Label

    its just that the wine itself (or imitation wine) looks so brilliant and bright in this photo. i think anything would be a bit dull nect to that. sounds interesting. is there anywhere i could buy agave wine?
  16. Wheat King

    Agave Wine Label

    agave wine wow. maybe its your printer but the label looks a little washed out. elegant though, beautiful.
  17. Wheat King

    The New Label for our latest Pale Ale

    pretty good, i like the style (sailor jerry?) a lot. call me an idiot but i think the image overlapping the text makes it hard to read. well not *hard* but harder
  18. Wheat King

    Crimson Ale

    the first one looks really sweet! great idea to have the schedule on the side. are you sharing any of these with anyone watching with you?
  19. Wheat King

    My Five Year Plan mead label

    i also thought it weird that the image was russian and the title was dutch. just throwing that in the wishing well *what? that doesnt make any sense*
  20. Wheat King

    Label Two - Fly Fishing

    all very sweet! i agree some of the fonts are a little hard to read though.