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  1. Rhoobarb

    Baker's Chocolate vs Cacao Nibs

    Drop the coffee and you've got a chocolate delight right here. Brewed it many times: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f68/chocolate-coffee-stout-chocolate-jitterz-35562/
  2. Rhoobarb

    What are you drinking now?

    Sweetwater LowRYEder IPA. Good stuff.
  3. Rhoobarb

    My Founders Brewing Co Story

    I can understand them sending a canned response. I'm sure they get requests like this all the time and it takes time away from actual work. OTOH, there are a lot of brewers/brewery folks who are very forthcoming and willing to share info. It's been my experience that brewers - home or pro -...
  4. Rhoobarb

    great craigslist find!

    I don't hate you. I hate what you've become.;) Congrats on the great find.
  5. Rhoobarb

    Pilsner Urquell Homebrew Contest

    Had a great time, even though I didn't place. I didn't expect to. The food was terrific and the PU was very fresh. Congrats to all. My wife and I were pulling for the person who ultimately won to win b/c he drove all the way from Ohio.
  6. Rhoobarb

    Pilsner Urquell Homebrew Contest

    You guys are really making me look forward to this. I don't think my Pils has an ice cube's chance in hell of winning, but I think it'll be a great experience. My wife and I will be there tomorrow night. Big congrats to you both! Damn fine job.
  7. Rhoobarb

    8 gallon batches

    We haven't even been as far north as Kenosha in the last year and a half! Been to busy! We'll head up there someday - maybe for our 5th anniversary in 2013. Get the 6 gal. better bottles! All of mine are 6 gals. and I like them a lot. I am slowly converting all but a couple of 6.5 gal...
  8. Rhoobarb

    8 gallon batches

    For all you old farts over 50 (like me), I have two things for you: Better Bottle Inexpensive hand cart with bungee cords I do 10 gal. batches almost exclusively and these save me lugging around heavy things.
  9. Rhoobarb

    Pilsner Urquell Homebrew Contest

    Brewing mine this Saturday.
  10. Rhoobarb

    Pilsner Urquell Homebrew Contest

    I'm in. I will beat you Drawtap88! lol
  11. Rhoobarb

    Discovery Cancels Brewmasters

    MillerCoors caused the plug to be pulled. Nobody will come out and say it, but that's what happened.
  12. Rhoobarb

    Brewer's yeast in cat treats - why?

    And believe it or not, they have run 'taste tests' and cats prefer Coors yeast over any others. Researchers don't know why.
  13. Rhoobarb

    Competition results useless?

    I'm just now starting to read over the BJCP Exam Study Guide and plan to take the course as soon as I can. One judge gave our club a good tip: he has been printing out Avery labels w/ his name, ID# and email on them for years. The current score sheets now provide an area that specifically...
  14. Rhoobarb

    Serving homebrew at a wedding in TX... legal?

    I brewed and served all the beer at mine. Caterer had no problems, nor did the venue. Just do it and forget about any legal issues. Whatd'ya think, some Eliot Ness type is going to raid the wedding or something?
  15. Rhoobarb

    At wits end with this persistent problem - anybody have any insight?

    Check the Autospihon to see it it is getting worn and letting air in. Just a thought - if it was pre-hopped extract, I'd suspect that. Have they all used pre-hopped extract?
  16. Rhoobarb

    Citra APA can I get rid of cat?

    Large amounts of some PNW hops - Cascade, Citra, etc., can give a catty aroma. I doubt it is the taste but the aroma that you are picking up. Plug your nose, take a taste and see how it is. Will the cattiness subside? Probably not. Giving it a really long aging period might help. Or try...
  17. Rhoobarb

    When do I add Lactose?

    I always add it with 10-15 mins. left in the boil. In your case, I'd boil some water, add it and cool before adding to your beer. Kinda like adding priming sugar.
  18. Rhoobarb

    Worst bar experience ever! (Greenville, SC)

    As you have admitted, your reaction was not good. You should have finished your beer (why waste good beer, no matter how angry you are?), paid, left no tip and complain loudly to the manager and to the owner, since he has acknowledged his appreciation for your business. If the bartender...
  19. Rhoobarb

    Is Sam Adams going downhill?

    I found this years SA O'fest to be much better this year than last. But I only had it on tap; no bottles. I think I tasted some crystal malt in it, which isn't really to style, but I really enjoyed it. I preferred my own O'fest over theirs, but still, I thought it was better than some other...
  20. Rhoobarb

    Chicago & Philly Brewpubs???

    I'll put in a word for the Rock Bottom on Grand Ave. in Chicago if you happen to be near there. It is much better than most of their locations. I'll second Two Bros.; great place with good food. Try the fish tacos.