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    Where did we go wrong?

    IMHO, people use the word, "infection" too soon. From what you say, you should be fine. Go back and in your own mind confirm what you have said above. If you are using clean equipment and you have sanitized everything you should be fine. You said you hit your numbers. I assume your...
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    5 Gallon Batch

    Agree with the above on chilling. I would extend that to temperature control through the fermentation process. The more volume you are handling the more issues arise relating to how to handle that volume.
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    Does anyone have a easy beer recipe for a beginner?

    Amber's and darker beer will work with newer brewers. They tend to hid off flavors that may turn beginning brewers against the hobby. IMHO stay with the classic recommendations offered here. Go with recipes from well known brewers or established stock houses. It's about learning and success...
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    Wind River Brewing kit

    Wind River is a reputable supply house. I shop there often and Scott treats me well as I am sure he will treat you. The OP asked about steeping specialty grains. There is really nothing to it and do not hold odd because of that issue. You will be fine. You will though need to have the...
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    How should I upgrade?

    The temp control improves most peoples beer right away. You will use it for either all grain or extract brewing. I would go with this first. That said, take a deep breath and plan your expansion so you will not have to purchase equipment twice. If you think you will move to a ten gallon...
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    Sanitizing a carboy advice

    I use a spray bottle and just fill it with the solution per Star San directions. I actually use it a lot around the kitchen. I will spray my counter tops and cutting boards every now and then. I do so especially after working with meat.
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    Got my blowoff tube on just in the nick of time

    I always use blow off tubes right from the start. I almost always brew with 05 so maybe that is why I learned to set up the blow off system.
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    re-used yeast for the first time

    And it is always a good idea to have a packet of spare yeast in your refrigerator as backup if needed.
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    Wyeast Smack Pack

    I dumped a 1056 into a 1.056 beer two days ago and have nothing going on. I did not smack the pack. I will let it go another 30 hours of so before adding some safale 05. I am leaving town for an overnighter so must leae it, or, pitch before I go. The beer is at about 65F. Sound like a...
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    Apartment Brewing Concerns

    What heat source do you use for your boil? I would be hesitant to use propane in an apartment building. You are taking on a lot of responsibility. IE, liability.
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    Argh! Mash-In Temps Drop So Quickly!

    I do what Bobby suggests. Each system and our air temps are different, but you will eventually get consistency if you pay attention to all the factors. Preheat the tun. It is IMHO easier to cool down than to heat up. Are you using a brewing software? That may help a bit.
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    Is a 5 gallon cooler big enuff

    I agree. You noted you already have a 5 gallon cooler. Use it for now. Then, if you use a braid you can simply swap it to a larger cooler when that time comes. You will have lost nothing given all parts fit. I am an advocate of buying equipment one time. Buy your equipment with an eye to...
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    Got home and realized I only picked up one packet of dry yeast

    I generally wash and reuse yeast. But I always keep a couple of packets of 04 and 05 in my refrigerator. It nice to know I have an emergency back up plan.
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    What to get for my next upgrade?

    You are asking the right question. As we build our breweries, most of us need to do so in a systematic and cost effective manner. I set my goals as 1) safety, and 2) how can I improve my beer? It is the fermentation that made a huge difference. If you are brewing ales, temps at the early...
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    Shelf life of Yeast

    No matter what you tend to brew and the yeast you use, it is a good idea to keep a couple of different kinds of dry yeast around. Then, in an emergency you do have a backup. This is especially important for you folks that need to ship your supplies in.
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    Need advice on pitching starter ASAP!! Wort is in fermenter, waiting for yeast!

    You will be drinking great beer in a couple of months. Warm it and pitch like kuphish suggests.
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    Re-Using Yeast Question

    A recent brew day found me in the same position as you. I opted for #3 and through the course of the day washed up my yeast and pitched a slurry. Mr. Malty can help you out on pitching rates.
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    vigorous activity in secondary

    You will be fine as the folks above commented. I did notice you had not posted a gravity reading taken at the time you transferred to secondary. Bubble activity is not a sign the beer is ready to be moved. Rather a hydrometer reading that is the same value two days in a row indicates your...
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    1st Boil Complete - Cincinnati Pale Ale

    Nice job, wait til you taste your OWN beer. good luck
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    Oxiclean - Soak or just clean equipment?

    Use it to clean with. Therefore, soak as you would a hard to get out mess. Just don't let it sit for days. Although I have and have not had any problem. BTW, FWIW If I am cleaning something that comes in contact with wort or the beer, I rinse using my sanitizer left over from a previous...