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  1. Rhoobarb

    Smoking Grain

    I've done it before and there was a recent BYO article that outlined how to do it. Both my method and the BYO method are similar to the suggestions listed above. Mist it down with a sprayer filled with distilled water (no chlorine) until it is wet, but not soaked. Smoke with your choice of...
  2. Rhoobarb

    Aluminum Sparge Tank?

    Everything you'd want to know is right here.
  3. Rhoobarb

    N. Country Malt 2-Row pricing?

    FWIW, on 10/23/09 I ordered and picked up one bag each from South Holland: Fawcett Golden Promise 55lb., $37.49 Franco Belg Pils 55lb., $31.42 Best Munich 55lb., $32.52 This is something like my 5th or 6th buy from them. Sweet and only 15 mins. from home.
  4. Rhoobarb

    When adding strike water and doughing in...

    That's exactly the way I've always done it.
  5. Rhoobarb

    I may quit soon! Help!

    Nobody has mentioned it, but it is a cheap fix - new plastic tubing. Fixed the one infection I ever had. Also, does the beer taste okay when you sample it throughout the process, then - boom - at bottling/kegging it takes on this off-flavor?
  6. Rhoobarb

    Drinking my first all grain batch

    Geez, I know that DB!:cross: I was just ... trying to be simplistic, yeah, that's it... for those who aren't so versatile in their beer vocabulary.;)
  7. Rhoobarb

    Drinking my first all grain batch

    That's b/c this is your 1st AG. The more you do, the better you'll get at it and you'll quickly see how much better your brews have become. Extract beers can be every bit as good as an AG beer. But when it comes to less expense and more versatility of beer styles, there is no comparison to...
  8. Rhoobarb

    Mashing with rice

    Same here, but I've never used rice hulls. I've never had a seriously stuck sparge, so I've never had the need. In fact, I'll be brewing this again soon.
  9. Rhoobarb

    Step Mash Procedure?

    Yep. That video that Kaiser has is well worth watching. I've yet to do a decoction, but his video has gotten me to thinking about it.
  10. Rhoobarb

    Have to whirlpool and siphon from kettle?

    That's another reason I siphon - I use whole hops whenever possible and I hate using hop bags. I want every hop cone to get wet with wort! But I want to leave all that behind when I take it to the carboy. Lately, I've been trying to get my lighter colored ales to be as clear as possible. So...
  11. Rhoobarb

    Have to whirlpool and siphon from kettle?

    I do b/c it's a pain to stand there and pour a full five gallons (or ten when I'm doing ten gallon batches) of wort into a carboy. 2-3 extract gallons is no problem, but try holding roughly 50 lbs. and it gets tiring. However, if you're tough enough, then go for it, Popeye!;):D
  12. Rhoobarb

    What do you do with your spent grains?

    +1 on composting. I just turned mine last weekend after we got a lot of rain. Man, did it stink! :cross: I should give some of these cookie, bread and veggie burger recipes a try.
  13. Rhoobarb

    Braided hose or Manifold? Which is better?

    Same here, and I batch sparge. Easy and fun to build. I've used it since my 1st AG and have never looked back. No concerns on the plastic in coolers creating any off-flavors or any other such problems.
  14. Rhoobarb

    Time to build a Mash Tun

    FWIW, I have the same cooler for a mash tun. Been using it for countless brews. I also use a manifold very similar to the one linked in the picture. Mine is CPVC. I made it myself and it was fun and easy to make. Has slits instead of holes. And, yes, holes (or slits in my case) down! I...
  15. Rhoobarb

    First All Grain Batch A Success

    Ain't it great?! With anyone's first AG session, your estimates are really more like SWAGs! You'll be able to dial your numbers in better, now that you have one under your belt. Congrats on your 1st!:mug:
  16. Rhoobarb

    NEW SYSTEM/First Brew

    Holy crap, that thing is awesome, Biermann! Way out of my price range, but man! Let us know how it works out. As for recipe suggestions, Brewpastor's 8-8-8 is one I'd recommend, as well as my own Chocolate RIS.
  17. Rhoobarb

    Discouraged and scared to brew again...

    Get back on that horse and ride, cowboy! It sounds like you have a handle on what the problem may be. Being located in SoCal, the temps may well be your problem. Address that issue first and brew a simple pale ale. See if that improves things. Good luck!
  18. Rhoobarb

    Talk me out of it. . .

    All I'll add to what's already been said is to keep your first recipe a simple one without a lot of different grains, hops and extra steps. A basic stout or pale ale would be ideal. You want to get the process down first. Normally, I'd advise you to try an extract or PM first, but if you...
  19. Rhoobarb

    Hoppiest Beer Out There

    Mine is the CWS 5400 Imperial IPA (see my Recipe drop down) at 102 IBUs. My Yellow Rose is pretty tasty, too, at 68 IBUs. I plan to brew one of these again soon. And I can! I lucked out and ordered a sh!tload of hops right before the big shortage took place, so I have a freezer full of hops...
  20. Rhoobarb

    Mashing- Water in first, or grain?

    I add ~a gallon of water, then the grains, then the remaining water and stir. Before I did my first AG batch I had read that it helped eliminate dough balls and stuck sparges. So, I did it that way and never veered from it.