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    Apartment brewers unite!

    yeah i did that and had a hose hooked up to my washer hook up and ran it acrross my apartment. it leaked slightly and went down and ruined the drywall in the peoples apartment below me. they kept complaining about it. the apartment maintence guy came over when i was brewing and i had pumps...
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    water analysis is back!

    I have a similar water profile as yours, except mine has a lower total alkalinity and hardness. mine has a extremly low calcium levels and was creating a muddy sweetness in my beers. People recommended Palmers How To Brew website and I highly recommend you read that and get his spreadsheet for...
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    Thanks for all the advice. I dug up the last water report that was done by my district and it didn't have most of the info that Palmer talks about. However it appears my water has a ph range from 7.2-8.4 (in reading excerpts it averages at 8-8.2 and they are trying to lower it) and the...
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    It's been along time since I posted, but here it goes. Ive been improving my brewing since over the past year and am doing full boil, all grain, starters, controlled fermentation temp, etc. But I did a taste test with a non craft brew drinking friend and was embarassed not from anything he...
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    Check my understanding of AG brewing...

    I second the mesh bag on the hose, totally the way to go.
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    Partial Mash Pumpkin Ale

    I have only used Willimette once and its probably a better choice than amarillo, but american hops tend to be on the citrousy side which may not blend with the pumkin. You may want to try styrian goldings, east kent goldings, or fuggles which are more subtle european hops. Just my 2 cents im...
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    What's up with my crappy efficiency?

    How many people out there don't really check? Maybe im a total dope, but I checked my first 2 or 3 batches and saw that I was getting 65 to 70 % efficiency and stopped checking gravity readings. I just plan my grain bill for 70 %. I can't taste the difference between 65% and 70% anyway.:mug:
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    What receipe are you using? Guessing right is yours.
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    no fermenatation ???

    Because youre just starting out if youre apprehensive about making a starter try one of the wyeast activator packs. My brother used the white labs without starters and he said they would take about 48 hours for fermentation to be visible. I could be wrong, but I think those vials have less...
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    Darned O-rings

    I used a nipple with a npt lock nut on either side tighten with a thin layer of gorrilla glue on the inside. No leaks and it doesn't move at all when i close the ball valve. Before when i closed the ball valve it would spin so i added the glue to bond it to the cooler. Also in general it's...
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    Indoor AG brewing.

    No I don't think you need to write a disclaimer. Im all for DIY projects it just seems this one could be particularly dangerous. Everyone keeps refering to CO2 levels, how about propane levels. I mean when I use my propane grill smoker outside I always use leak detecter on the threaded...
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    Indoor AG brewing.

    No my comment wasn't completely directed at you, at the time it was so funny because I was imagining a wanna be Red Green show type guy trying to make some of the things in the thread. I thing my point is using a outdoor burner with a temporary screw on connection inside is dumb. Not trying to...
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    Carb drops didn't work

    I've had beer take two months to fully carbonate. Yeah sure you might get some big bubbles and a thin layer of foam, but to get the carbonation that youre probably used to it takes a much longer conditioning time than most reciepes or instruction will let on.
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    Indoor AG brewing.

    I brew with homemade burner I made out of used oxy acetelyene torches and duct tape. I use it in my basement bathroom with the fan on though. Been doing it since 79.
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    Why Decoct?

    doing a multistep infusion mash is by adding boiling water to your mash to raise it throughout the steps. So for a wheat if you wanted to start your mash off at 130 and raise it to 154 you would add an amount of boiling water to raise the temp. If you have a tiered set up with a keg tun and a...
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    Why Decoct?

    Ive used decoction on a wheat beer because I have a cooler tun and to do a multistep mash I had to. If I did infusions I would end up with too much water on my hands to try to boil off.
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    PM Vorlauf?

    Rather than vorlauf I attach a piece of cheesecloth on the end of the hose from the mlt with a rubber band. No husks or anything in my pot. But i do use a spoon and measuring cup to pour water as easy as possible
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    Indoor AG brewing.

    I live in an apartment and brew all grain indoors all the time. I just do 3 or 5 gallon batches in two pots on the stove top by splitting the boil. Way easy and I acutally like it better because I can still manhandle the pots and stuff. I have a propane burner for my smoker but the thought of...
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    Efficiency too high?

    Would your grain to water effect your efficiency? In other words you plan your grain for 5 gallons but only collect 4. The reason why I say this is that I did a batch that I thought was extremely high but I think I only collected 4 gallons of beer at the end. So while my effeciency was high I...
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    First Lager

    Im have extra space in my kegerator so i want to try my first lager. When pitching the lager yeast (american lager wyeast) is it better to bring the wort to 50 degress and pitch or pitch at 70-75 and bring it down slowly. I have heard both ways. Its easier for me to cool the wort to 50 and...