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  1. Wheat King

    no specialty grains --> used a bunch of oatmeal instead

    oh hahah. that explains everything. thanks, i look forward to an oaty honey weizen
  2. Wheat King

    no specialty grains --> used a bunch of oatmeal instead

    so here's my story, please tell me if im crazy. i bought a Honey Weizen kit online from Northern Brewer (I think). i waited about a month before brewing due to circumstances outside of my control (ie Im lazy). when i went to add my grains, i realized i couldnt find them / i did not receive...
  3. Wheat King

    St Pattys Day...

    im doing an irish red tonight w00t!
  4. Wheat King

    A little help here please

    maybe you should just squeeze a lemon into the beer when you drink it? sorry im n00b im just throwing it out there.
  5. Wheat King


    sorry to hear that, man. im afraid my latest batch is also 'bad', but im giving it the full 3 weeks before i truly judge it. tasted after 1 week, and it had a strange pickly taste, yes like pickles. please please please let that change :( 3 weeks is this tuesday and i have my fingers crossed.
  6. Wheat King

    Orange peel porter?

    sounds delicious i love beer, just plain beer. but i also love exciting and unique flavors of beer. well, i guess i could say "I love beer!"
  7. Wheat King

    AHHH Mold!!!

    its not MY stomach or tongue...or urethra...so drink it! lol
  8. Wheat King

    primary fermenter without airlock?

    bin? sorry man doesnt sound like a good plan.
  9. Wheat King

    Odd taste

    i think i got that in my first 2 batches also. dont have anything constructive to say.
  10. Wheat King

    Getting away from kits too early?

    arent you following someone's directions either way? if its not whoever put the kit together, then its whoever wrote that recipe...? the only difference is your ingredients arent pre-packed together when you get them. im all for (omg i cant believe im going ot use this phrase)...going "outside...
  11. Wheat King

    "Extract Taste" What is it?

    stringy? excuse my ignorance, can you elaborate>???
  12. Wheat King


    perhaps its worth the cash to go out and buy a copy, but can any one post a scan of the chart?
  13. Wheat King

    Pumpkin Ale after 1 week

    in my experiences with (drinking) pumpkin ale, its the spices that more remind me of pumpkin pie than the flavor of the pumpkin itself.
  14. Wheat King

    Pumpkin Ale after 1 week

    i really want to do a pumpkin ale as soon as my fermentors are free'd up. hopefully it'll be ready for thanksgiving time. the kit you bought seems to be a fair price, especially since you seem happy with the results. i'll probably try to spice it up a bit more, i like the bite of cinnamon and...
  15. Wheat King

    Who's brewing this weekend, Aug 26th/27th

    arg! i didnt make it...didnt brew this weekend.
  16. Wheat King

    Who's brewing this weekend, Aug 26th/27th

    need to hit up my LHBS but i plan to brew a Scottish Ale this saturday. all that talk about cream cheese stufed, bacon wrapped peppers has me drooling. i'll definitely be barbequeing something to go along with my 3-week-bottled Porter Ale that i plan to dive into.
  17. Wheat King

    Wheat beer with a Lemon extract

    word up. im no pro, but i would assume the most crisp and natural flavor would come from a fresh lemon when youre drinking.
  18. Wheat King

    Keep Refrigerated

    thanks! sorry for the worthless thread, guys.
  19. Wheat King

    Keep Refrigerated

    So I bottled my Porter Ale this weekend, and decided to get started on my next kit to keep a good rotation going. It's a Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy) from O'Shea's in Laguna Niguel. Well, tonight I opened up the sealed bag of ingredients and had a look at what I was dealing with. Read the...
  20. Wheat King

    Is it too hot to brew?

    my batch has been fermenting for almost 2 days now. but our apartment seems to be 80F or higher from the afternoon to evening. is it too late to start cooling with any of your methods in this thread?