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  1. PurpleJeepXJ

    Blue Mold Harvesting

    Years ago I posted a list of yeasts that could be harvested from commercial brewed beers. I kept up with it for a little while and then it grew out of control. Haven’t brewed beer in several years now but have been making cheese. The thought crossed my mind “can I harvest blue mold from...
  2. PurpleJeepXJ

    Johnson Controllers and GFCI Plugs

    So I have a kegorator that I built several years ago. It is built from a Marvel Mini-freezer. Looks like a mini-fridge but is a freezer. I use a temperature controller, Johnson or similar, to control the temperature in the mini-freezer. This set up worked great for a couple years. The freezer...
  3. PurpleJeepXJ

    Water filter suggestions

    In the past, I haven't worried much about the water I use to brew. However, in the last year I can swear that the chlorine taste in my tap water has become stronger. The county claims they have not changed anything. I am looking for an in line filter option. What are my options for say $50. I...
  4. PurpleJeepXJ

    Should I even try cleaning this??

    So I only have one 5 gallon corny keg. It has sat for a year half full of old beer with no gas on it and the kegerator off. Lots of mold and slime. If I were to clean it, what would be the best way? Rinse, take all parts off, and soak in bleach? Would it even be possible to clean the carb stone?
  5. PurpleJeepXJ

    Chugger Pump - HLT not draining completely with pump

    So I just finished my new brew stand build and am having an issue with the pump. I built a two tier system. HLT is on a burner at the bottom, MT above the HLT, and then BK off to the side on its own tier. My HLT is a 7.75 gallon half keg. When I welded the bung for my ball valve, I accidentally...
  6. PurpleJeepXJ

    Clearance Hops!! Need suggestions for use.

    So this is my first post in a long time. Trying to get back in to brewing after taking a while off. I bought a good amount of hops from a homebrew supply shop that was going out of business. All the normal name hops I was familiar with were all gone. I bought "German Hull Mellon", "Summit", and...
  7. PurpleJeepXJ

    Wort boiling over

    Is there a home remedy to stop wort from boiling over? I thought about adding some olive oil but am not sure if that would hinder the yeast in fermentation. I did not pick up any of the commercial anti foam products. This is not normally a problem but I drilled a hole in my larger kettle and...
  8. PurpleJeepXJ

    Frozen and creamed corn?

    Has anyone mashed with frozen or creamed corn? I am quite sure it will work but an not sure what the equivalent would be to 1# of flaked. Do y'all have any thoughts on this. I tried a search but ever since that changed it seems harder to find pertinent information.
  9. PurpleJeepXJ

    Would Like To Learn

    Could someone post some pictures or walk me through how to start and the basic process? The sticky doesn't seem to have pictures anymore and I am more of a visual learner. Thanks in advance.
  10. PurpleJeepXJ

    Need some opinions please

    So I just made the following: 5.5gal batch AG 12# 2-Row 2# Crystal 60 1# Flaked Rye .5oz Chinook @ 60 .5oz Chinook @ 30 1oz Cascade @ 20 1oz Cascade @ 10 This is all from what I had laying around the house and I was really itching to brew today. I know it will be an IPA but that...
  11. PurpleJeepXJ

    Brass Shank?

    Anyone know where I can buy a brass shank to match my brass faucet? All I can seem to find are chrome and SS... Which would look bad with a brass faucet. Thanks in advance!!
  12. PurpleJeepXJ

    Budget Bar Build

    So everyday I check the DIY forum to get new ideas and always see someone with a 'bar build'. Many of those seem to have either a high to no budget involved. Well about 4mo ago my fiancee and I bought our first house and ever since then I have been itching to build a bar. Well I have set a...
  13. PurpleJeepXJ

    What a brew night...

    So I missed my pre-boil gravity by like .02 pts. I ran off the calculated extra to boil down but that has been going for an hour and will have to go for 2 more. Meanwhile a thundershower came through while i was inside for 10 min. My pots were uncovered. This wont cause an issue right? Rain...
  14. PurpleJeepXJ

    What is this called?

    So I was thinking that i can start a siphon by using compresses air like CO2. My idea is a dip tube to within .5" of the bottom of a carboy up through a bung and to a siphon hose. then have a second hole in the bung with a tube just into the headspace to which i can hook my CO2 line off my reg...
  15. PurpleJeepXJ

    Critique this please

    So I went to my LHBS today to pick up things for an IPA and a Hefe. I saw the wine section and got to thinking... which is usually a bad thing. I know you can make simple wines from grocery store supplies so I picked up a pack of Red Star Pasture Red. on my way home I went to the grocery store...
  16. PurpleJeepXJ

    What is Pacman supposed to taste like?

    So I have used Pacman in two different brews, both american pale ales of different recipes. The first came out tasting very sour and kinda like spoiled milk. This led me to think it was a lactose infection. I sanitized with bleach, then acid, then cleaned with PBW, then sanitized with starsan. I...
  17. PurpleJeepXJ

    Help me diagnose this please...

    So I made a Dunkelweizen on 8/27. It fermented for 2 weeks and I did not secondary. My OG was 1.059 and my FG was 1.015. I have made this recipe many times and it always turns out amazing. My problem is this... At bottling the batch smelled very sour, almost like rotten grain. I bottled any ways...
  18. PurpleJeepXJ

    Rustic Porter Idea

    Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 6.22 gal Post Boil Volume: 5.72 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 5.50 gal Bottling Volume: 5.00 gal Estimated OG: 1.065 SG Estimated Color: 25.9 SRM Estimated IBU: 33.1 IBUs Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 % Est Mash Efficiency...
  19. PurpleJeepXJ

    Rotten grain smell... HELP?!

    So I just bottled a batch of hefe and it kinda smells like rotten grain. If you have ever left grain in the mlt for a couple days... that kind of smell. Not the sulfur smell typically associated with a hefe. Suggestion or input would help a lot!!
  20. PurpleJeepXJ

    Barleywine Question

    What would a low Hop IBU barleywine be called? I have been searching on it but it is really hard to find something that you don't know the proper name to...