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  1. CiscoKid

    Had to do it - Had to dump some batches.

    I finally gave up on the remains of 4 batches of beer last night and dumped them. :( All four batches were fine when I tasted them before bottling, but after I bottled things went bad. Three weeks after bottling they all had the same questionable off taste to them and a couple of them were...
  2. CiscoKid

    Heat and A/C Are Overrated, right?

    So my heatpump died... as evidenced by the $300 electric bill I received last month. (Yes, I know, those of you with gas heat probably don't envy me in my all-electric condo.) Background: Outside unit is 14 years old, inside air handler is 30 years old. Sucks for me to be the owner of this...
  3. CiscoKid

    Blowoff Tube Fail

    Last night around 23:00 when I last checked on this, it was foaming and bubbling happily away. This morning I arrived home full of fail... Oops. Blowoff Tube Fail! on Flickr - Photo Sharing! More Blowoff Tube Fail on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Blowoff Tube Fail! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  4. CiscoKid

    Original Batch Cantillon Iris (1998) Hiding In My Wine Rack - Holy Crap!

    Holy Crap! I was going through my wine rack tonight making space for a couple of new bottles and I ran across this little gem! Cantillon Iris on Flickr - Photo Sharing! One of the first batch of "Iris." Cantillon has, since 1998, brewed one batch of this a year. A good friend of mine...
  5. CiscoKid

    RDWHAHB - Or 6...

    Relax Don't Worry Have a Homebrew should probably not be interpreted as: Relax, Don't Worry, Polish Off All the Homebrews Your Co-Workers Who Brew Were Nice Enough to Send Home With You For Your Next Brew Day - That is, unless you like fighting with your siphoning hose and draining wort to your...