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    US-05 Very High Attenuation, 85%++

    No, crush didn't change. Besides, crush should not have any appreciable effect on attenuation.
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    US-05 Very High Attenuation, 85%++

    My last batch I made 3 weeks ago attenuated 90% with US-05. Mashed at 150F, fermented at 65F 8.1 gallons, used 2 packs rehydrated, yeast nutrient, and oxegenated. This is my normal process but the US-05 has never done this well, it's usually around 80% for me.
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    True GDM blow off evaporation issue

    As the CO2 bubbles through the sanitizer, it creates bubbles that rise to the top of the jug and spill out. You can lose a lot of liquid this way when its fermenting actively. I use vodka in my airlock now for this reason. Though I do find it hard to believe that you would like an entire quart.
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    Stored yeast is building pressure

    I harvest yeast from the blowoff, in which there is still unfermented sugar. As soon as I get enough it goes in the fridge, so it's definitely not done fermenting at that point.
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    Stored yeast is building pressure

    I store yeast in mason jars all the time and most of the time they continue to off-gas for several months. Even at fridge temps it will continue to ferment the sugars that may still be in the slurry, albeit very very slowly.
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    Explosive Fermentation

    The krausen foam in the blowoff tube, despite no actual blockage, is enough to create some positive pressure in the fermenter. You can try to find a large hose whose OD is the same as the ID of the carboy, then you just shove it in without any bung/stopper and it seals well. For the glass...
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    Using car boys and flasks after an infection

    The flask could go in the oven at 250F for an hour. I assume it's glass. Otherwise water with some bleach will do the trick. It does not take a lot of bleach to make an effective cleaner for this situation.
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    Changes in wlp001

    I too have not noticed any differences. Try calling White Labs?
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    Getting an original gravity from a final gravity reading.

    If you have your recipe you can plug it into an online calculator and it will predict the OG for you. If it's extract it will be very close. If it's all-grain it might be a little off depending on what mash efficiency you achieved. https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/calculator/
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    Fermentation Yet To Kick Off

    I've had liquid yeasts + starters take a couple days before seeing any airlock activity. It's not common but it does happen. Sounds like you underpitched so it may take a few days before the yeast reproduce enough to really start seeing activity.
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    Yeast starter didn't take off, repitch?

    Hydrometer. It's not uncommon for a starter not to show signs of activity. It would be silly to make any further decisions without testing the gravity and comparing that to the OG.
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    Added WAY too much Fermaid K. Am I Screwed?

    Did you put the fermaid into the starter or the wort? Either way I wouldn't worry about. Just because it's still bubbling does not mean that it's still fermenting. It's probably just off gassing. Check the FG to be sure.
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    starter cold-crash, decant and storage question

    You're plan is fine. Just well sanitize everything.
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    How do you adjust your Heating and cooling differential for your fermenting chamber?

    I'm not sure. On the STC-1000 there is only one differential value you can set. Example: If you set it 70F and the diff to 0.5F, the fridge/freezer will turn on once it reaches 70.5F and turn off once it gets back down to 70F. The heater will turn on once it drops to 69.5F and turn off once...
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    Does the depth of your submerged blow-off tube effect yeast activity/by-products?

    8 inches of water is 0.29psi, which is a tiny amount of pressure. This guy did a test fermenting at 6psi and it did not result in a significantly different beer: http://brulosophy.com/2015/04/27/under-pressure-the-impact-of-higher-psi-fermentations-exbeeriment-results-2/ Fermenting under...
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    How do you adjust your Heating and cooling differential for your fermenting chamber?

    My differential is set to 0.3C with a 5 minute compressor delay. During active fermentation is does great holding temp. However after fermentation it does tend to overshoot since there isn't adequate mixing of the wort. My temp probe is in the center of the wort. With how slowly the temps...
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    Bottles Take Longer to Carb After Cold Crash?

    I second the above. If you used the cold crash temperature for the priming sugar calcs then you have severely under-primed the bottles. This would explain your situation. Also, cold crashing does drop yeast out of the beer, but not all of it. It might take longer to carb the bottles, but not...
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    How do you make your yeast starters

    Use online calculator to determine starter size and weight of DME Add DME to 5L flask and then water Place on stove and start heating, stir occasionally Boil for 5-10 minutes uncovered Remove from heat and into ice bath, covered Cool to 75F then then pitch yeast Place on stir plate for 2-3 days...
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    Restarting Fermentation After Cold Crashing

    Cold temps (above freezing) doesn't kill or even stop yeast. It only slows them down. In fact, it will keep fermenting even at cold temps, albeit very slowly. If you warm it back up the yeast will continue doing their job as before. You don't need to add sugar for this, but stirring the cake...
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    starter krausen mystery

    You may be breeding super yeast if you're on gen 7 of starter only yeast.