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  1. Hrahn1995

    Apple Cider with Beer?

    I just tried a super basic graff i that is about 1 month into its aging. It was made from 1 Gallon of Cider from a pick your own farm, and 1/2 lb of DDME. That was how basic i made it. I didnt use any hops (probably should have). I believe because mine had the liquid be all cider it is far...
  2. Hrahn1995

    Elderberry Barley Wine

    Primary, 20-30 days Secondary, 20-30 days tertiary remainder of 60 days or until clear Aged for probably 6-12 months. might faux oak it.
  3. Hrahn1995

    Elderberry Barley Wine

    well its a bit late. I made it last night and what i have is 3/16th of a cup -1/4 of a cup dried elderberries only a dash of the elderflowers, about 1/4 oz of Warrior hops, no boil so they will probably just add aroma 4oz Dark Candi Sugar 12 oz DDME 12 oz ADME I might do the tea idea along...
  4. Hrahn1995

    Elderberry Barley Wine

    Thanks. I am probably only going to add about 4oz of Corn sugar if any, but because i cant boil just due to location i will be using the Warrior hops to provide some bittering hopefully.
  5. Hrahn1995

    Elderberry Barley Wine

    So all i do is extract brewing because im more of a mead brewer if you look at any of my threads. So i had the idea to do another barleywine but this time to use some elderberries to add a nice punch for something different. 1 gallon 12 oz Dark Dry Malt 12oz Amber Dry Malt 8 oz Dextrose...