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  1. Schumed

    Pineapple in beer/hot pepper beer

    Pineapple ...roast one up cut it up soak in vodka for a week ...strain ...instant pineapple extract that is awesome add at packaging
  2. Schumed

    Making beer is wrecking my stove

    buy a turkey fryer and brew outside
  3. Schumed

    Used brew kit worth the price?

    Just do the math ...looks like $200 worth of stuff to me if you built your own chiller and mash tun ...I would payoff than $300 Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  4. Schumed

    Most Common and Cheapest Hops? Preferably North American

    Love Belma it's cheap and good I've had three different IPAs win with Belma mixed in with ...cascade and Amarillo with Belma is a true winner...Abc IPA
  5. Schumed

    Frozen Carboys???

    I would if I could figure out removing the ice
  6. Schumed

    Frozen Carboys???

    It's thawing out slowing has nice iceberg build up
  7. Schumed

    Frozen Carboys???

    Noo ...I've set the temp controller to 34 to let it slowly thaw out
  8. Schumed

    Frozen Carboys???

    This is a first for me all prepared to do some major bottling this morning went to go grab my two batches that have been cold crashing when I opened up my chamber ...frozen solid...left my temp probe outside the freezer ...oops ...one is better bottle but the other is a big glass carboy worried...
  9. Schumed

    Re-PRIME help needed

    Give it more time at least two more weeks....depending on what your final gravity it may need more time I had a similar experience and the beer for some reason took 6 weeks to prime
  10. Schumed

    Dry Hop IPA Cold Crash Dilemma

    5 days is ideal for dry hopping...I find more than a week hops don't seem as fresh what I do I is dump my hops in the primary to dry hop...after 3/5 days of dry hopping and cold crash 2/3 days
  11. Schumed

    Problems with Wyeast

    Look at the date if its under 6 months should be fine....if over might be cause for concern
  12. Schumed

    Build up on side of fermenter

    This is a pic of my two week old Barley Wine SG 1.14 it's down to 1.027 Pacman yeast Heavy on hops 100IBU Never seen anything build up on the side like this before ...smells and taste okay...think I should rack to secondary...looks kind of moldy from what I could tell but don't have experience...
  13. Schumed

    What happened to my brew?

    over carbed......1 cup of honey is way too much ...measure honey by the ounce for priming 3oz is what I've had success with Also what was your final gravity when bottling...you may have had too much sugar already if racking to secondary at 2 weeks....no way to know with out taking a reading...
  14. Schumed

    Dead yeast?

  15. Schumed

    Cleaning in aluminum brewpot w/ oxyclean

    Not a problem just looks bad An old farmers trick...boil some water and cream of tarter....It will make your pot look brand new
  16. Schumed

    Bottling sugar vs honey

    I use honey all the time to prime....I usually can open bottles after 4-5 days after priming...it doesn't really leave much flavor IMO since it will ferment out...just make sure your measurements are right...Palmer has a great graph in his book on the different type of sugars to use for priming...
  17. Schumed

    gusher bug v. overcarb v. fermentation issue?

    1.030 is way to high of a gravity to be bottling....it wasn't done fermenting so too much sugar is causing your problem You either under pitched your yeast or your temps weren't right for the common yeast or both to get it to finish. FG for a common should be 1.011 to 1.014 per bjcp...
  18. Schumed

    Strange fermentation behavior

    I'm guessing its fine ...I've seen US -05 do different stuff If you want honey flavor use honey malt...all the honey will ferment out and won't add a lot of flavor I know from experience
  19. Schumed

    Barrel aging questions

    Just transfer to the barrel...room temp