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    Hefe Weizen Clarity question

    As usual, great information! Thanks to all for the answers, I learn something every time I leave a question here. In fact, if it weren't for this forum I would have given up on brewing several months ago. A couple of comments lead me to start brewing the best beer I have ever tasted - because...
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    Hefe Weizen Clarity question

    Hey guys. Brewing my first HefeWeizen and have a question. I racked it out of my frementer to a carboy so I could watch the last of the fermentation, and it is a very cloudy brew. Beautiful gold but cloudy color, excellent taste, just perfect except for the extra cloudiness at this stage. (I...
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    Newbie ale recipe needed

    Who knows, you might just come up with something great! I keep a logbook of my brews just in case - you might try that because you won't know for a month or so. If it is good you should share!
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    Newbie ale recipe needed

    There are good websites to get some hops - I bought 4 pounds of hops for about $5 per pound at www.hopsdirect.com. You can choose from about 20 varieties, etc. I bought Willamette, Hallertau, Cascade, and one more I can't remember. I broke up the packs into 1-1/2 oz sealed bags and have 'em...
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    Malt preference poll

    Steeped mini grain in a DME wort is the way I have had my most success. I haven't tried all grain yet, but probably won't since, after 5 batches, I finally got the best ale I have ever tasted (not prejudiced at all!) This forum helped enormously by giving me the information I needed. My first...
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    La Fin Du Monde Clone?

    I bought a case of Fin du Monde recently and it got me interested in brewing again. I do have a clone recipe for it in one of my books, and I'll dig it out if you are interested after reading this: It uses cane sugar instead of the standard ingredients. It also ends up 9-10% alcohol, which is...