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  1. Dgallo

    Cinnamon sticks...how much is too much?

    Looking for some advice from folks who use cinnamon relatively often in their browns, porters, or stouts to provide some advice. I do a rotating imperial milk stout series and for this batch I’m aiming for a Mexican Hot Chocolate/latte flavor profile using vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, coffee, and...
  2. Dgallo

    bru'n water currently marked as restricted

    hey folks, I've been using Bru'n water for probably the past 3 years. last week we needed to back up the laptop so i needed to reinstall the program. i can not click on or edit any of the tabs\cells in the work book. It is currently set as restricted and is asking for a password. Does anyone...
  3. Dgallo

    What’s a Good Polish beer available in the US?

    Hey folks looking for some help. A electrician we just hired hooked us up big time and literally charged us a fraction of his total labor cost because in his words “I gave you a quote and I’m a man of my word.” I’ve tried to give him more but he won’t accept. We’ve talked a few times about beer...
  4. Dgallo

    Turning your Fermonster into a complete closed transfer system for cheap!

    I’ve posted this in a few thread and I get quite a bit of messages regarding my process of doing this so I figured I would create a thread on the process. This is by far the cheapest closed fermenting/ transferring system. So what you will be doing is modifying a fermonter’s solid lid and...
  5. Dgallo

    American IPA New England Style TIPA

    Grain bill 17lbs - Pilsner 3lbs - Malted Oats 2lbs - White Wheat 0.75lb - Honey Malt 1lb - dextrose (My efficiency is around 63-65% on a grainbill this big so you’ll have to adjust for your big beer efficiency) Mash @153*f for 60 mins Ph 5.35 Water Profile: Ca: 92 Mg: 9 Cl...
  6. Dgallo

    Beer Log #1 - First Wild Mix Fermentation

    So I am planning on starting my own small Wild/Sour project; I've really gotten into the broad style over the past few years thanks to Suarez Family Brewing and Plan Bee brewing, both relatively local to me. So in honor of launching, I figured I'd document my first Mixed Fermented Belgian...
  7. Dgallo

    Schwarzbier recipe critique

    Just looking for some advise from those who’ve brewed some black lager. I’ve never brewed one but researched quiet a bit on the origins and style guidelines of schwarzbier and came up with this. Feel free to critique; 8lbs - German Pilsner 2lbs - light Munich 1lb. - dark Munich (11-16L) .5lb...
  8. Dgallo

    To enter in the Comp or not enter in the comp, that is the question

    So I’ll be entering a NZ Pilsner in X5 category in an upcoming competition. I have an Imperial Milk Stout on tap that I would like to enter just because it’s on tap and solid beer. It was brewed with Coconut, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and coffee so it’s obviously not brewed to any tradition stout...
  9. Dgallo

    Sulfur with 34/70

    Im doing my first true lager, a NZ Pilsner fermenting with 1 pack of 34/70, og 1.051. It’s on the 8 day of fermentation and has been steady at 56. Fermentation has slowed, Krausen gone, and noticing a strong sulfur smell from the blow off. Is this typical for this strain?
  10. Dgallo

    American IPA Base Pale Ale Recipe for Single hop Beers

    Sharing a single hop base recipe for pale ale I use when I’m trying out a new variety of hops for the first time. I have not found a hop that does not work well with this beer but Strata, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Mandarina Bavaria have been stand outs so far. I’m going to use Galaxy as the hop in the...
  11. Dgallo

    Cultivating a yeast from Can dregs

    so I understand the process of starters and propagating yeast to meet a specific pitch rates, but this will be my first propagation from dregs. My question surrounds why most resources call for the initial starter to be so low in volume and at an OG of 1.024/1.026? I just can’t seem to find much...
  12. Dgallo

    Yeast recommendation for NZ Pilsner

    looking for recommendations on yeast strains for a NZ Pilsner. Was thinking of just using US-05 but I do have the ability to lager. Grain 10lb - Pilsner 1lb - carafoam .25lb- biscuit Mash - 150*f Hop .5 oz magnum @ 60 .75 oz Nelson @ 5 .5 oz Riwaka @ 5 .75 oz Nelson @ FO .5 oz...
  13. Dgallo

    Help me fix my snowblower so I can RAHAHB

    craftsman 208cc with electric start snowblower won’t start manually or with the estart. It was new last season but left gas in it. I drained the gas tank and carb. Cleaned the spark plug. Still won’t start. So, what’s next to do my mechanically inclined brewers?
  14. Dgallo

    Looking for advice on Spirit soaked oak chips

    Looking for some advice from those who have used liquor soaked oak chips to age their imperial stouts. I have two Imperial milk stouts that I make quite well one with coffee and one with coconut and nibs. My goal is to use the coconut and nibs as the base beer and use 2/3 to 1/2 of the amount...
  15. Dgallo

    1318 got hot

    Just had my two biggest fermenting fears come to life on this beer. My temp control failed and my co2 line on my fermenter (closed system) clogged up and cracked the lid. Temp got up to 80 on 1318. My guess is it was only there for an hour or two but who know. Def under 4 though. I’m hoping that...
  16. Dgallo

    What’s the best grain mill for the price?

    Looking for a little help and was hoping to get some suggestions from people of the best grain mill to buy for the price. Hoping not to spend more than $150-$180 on it, the less expensive the better. If you do have a suggestion, I wouldn’t mind hearing why you would choose one mill over another...
  17. Dgallo

    Does 2019 Nelson Exists?

    Besides ordering directly from NZ or AUS and paying elevated shipping costs, does 2019 Nelson exist? The US hops are going to hit the market before this does.
  18. Dgallo

    Kviek Hornindal suffer and slight funk

    Ive over build some starters of kviek Hornindal and decanted to use the slurry for future beers. I had some time so I’d figure I’d use the slurry to over build a starter again to harvest even more. This time however the starts blow off smelt fruity but definitely had some sulfur to it. I’ve been...
  19. Dgallo

    Anyone use YVH 2018 Azacca

    looking for some invite on the profile of YVH 2018 Azacca. Wondering what profile you got from it and at what WH/DH rate you used to get the profile. I’m looking to pair with Mosiac to pull Pineapple from it
  20. Dgallo

    Bru’n water for Extract no boil

    I’m a all grain brewer but I have a 5 month old that is making brew day very difficult. I’m trying a no boil, extract NEIPA for the hell of it to, since it will greatly reduce the length of my brew day. So my question is directly at my water adjustments.... since I’m not mashingor sparging...