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    Temp Probe Location 3 Vessel E-HERMS

    Having no luck with the search function. I know I've seen discussions on this before; thoughts on best temp probe locations for two temp probes in a 3 Vessel E-Herms? Running two Brew Commanders for control. Thanks!
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    I'm not sure if this is the place to post this opinion, but it seems logical since equipment purchase is crucial to the hobby (admin; please move as needed). Anyway, here goes; I've been a homebrewer since around 2004 or so, and I've shopped at many physical and online shops over the years. My...
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    Conical Heating - aquarium heater in glycol reservoir!?!

    For those of you with conicals: how do you heat them. I want something that will plug into my inkbird, but I’m a little gun shy with seed mat / brew belt style heaters. In the past my seed mats (actually used for seedlings) have always burned out eventually. Anything more dependable out there? I...
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    Need Carboys and live in/near Putnam County NY?

    Just saw this post, am in no way affiliated or know this person. But what a great deal if you ferment in glass carboys! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1423856844500452?view=permalink&id=2533970390155753
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    3V Propane to Electric Conversion - Lost down the Rabbit Holes

    I have a 3 vessel system with 25 gallon pots. When I was brewing two years ago before my move I had just installed a HERMS coil through the lid of my HLT and was working on trying to dial in my process. Back then I brewed propane on the back deck. In the new house I will be brewing indoors, so...
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    Whatcha got under those electric pots?

    For all you electric brewers out there: I’m looking to set my pots up on a SS table and don’t want it to become a heat sink. Pots are about 20” diameter. I’m thinking cork will get brittle. Silicone? I’m look for an affordable option. Preferably a single piece for each pot. What do you all use...
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    Electric Here I come (boogie woogie woogie)

    Well, I've finally committed to converting my rig and going full electric! The new brew space has an electric stove outlet already. It looks like I can swap out the existing dual breaker for a 60a GFCI and I'm cooking baby! Based on my calculations it looks like $2,700 gets me all the...
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    Looking for inline tubing shut off valve 3/8" ID tubing

    A long time ago I bought a few plastic inline valves for my 3/8" tubing. They aren't barbed, they just friction fit on. They work great for splitting the wort stream into multiple fermenters so they all fill at once. The problem is that I have no clue who used to sell them, and I don't see...
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    2 yeast ferment for a memomel? Pros/Cons?

    I have a mead that has been fermenting in primary via lalbin 71b-1122 for only a week now. I plan to eventually make it a raspberry melomel. Reading up on yeasts that are good for mead, I came across MT dry wine yeast and the taste profile sounds appealing. So here is my question: does anyone...
  10. Beer:30

    Heating & Cooling non-jacketed Conicals

    I have two SS non-jacketed conicals that I want to heat and possibly cool independent of any chamber. I found the black box (http://brulosophy.com/2014/07/23/the-black-box-is-beyond-cool-and-hot/?blogsub=confirming#blog_subscription-2). Anyone have experience using heating blankets and/or a...
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    How did you mount your plate chiller?

    I am considering a few different configurations for mounting my plate chiller/pump assembly and would love to hear any lessons learned from all the HBT experience out there. It seems like mounting the pump inlet and chiller wort inlet facing downward allows air bubbles to travel upward and out...
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    Blingman Instructions

    In general, I find Blichmann equipment to be pricey, but of good quality. What always amazes me though is the poor quality of the instructions that come with the equipment; full of spelling mistakes and even incorrect information. I just recently purchased the therminator and the operation...
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    Any suggestions on upgrading my system with a pump?

    Hello HBT! Now I currently run a 15 gallon AG gravity feed system on my back deck. HLT on highest stand, direct fire MLT with False bottom over Bazooka Screen on shorter stand, Kettle on burner sitting on deck, and CFC directly on deck. The tubing outflow from the CFC goes through a pipe in...
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    Does anyone still have these in stock? It seems like the 525s have leak issues. Thanks
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    Williams Brewing Catalog

    I was flipping through the Williams Brewing Catalog last night while having a few and saw a little inset article titled "Brewing the Williams Way" that summarized All Grain Brewing. Step 1 was to activate yeast whack pack and allow to swell. Step 2 was Boil the hops and grain. Boil the grain...
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    Blowing out CFC with a compressor

    Prior to storage I blow out my Counter Flow Chiller with a compressor after cleaning and rinsing it. One thing I notice though and I'm not crazy about, is that my compressor gets condensation inside the tank often. Sometimes this gets blown out when I use the compressor. I have tried to keep...
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    Hurricane Beware!

    Brewing this Sunday once the winds pass by to the east. Earl better just stay away, DON'T MESS WITH BREW DAY MAN! :mad:
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    15 gal Megapot (drilled)

    Hi all, I have a 15 gal Megapot to sell since I upgraded to a 25 gal system a while back. I bought it here: http://www.northernbrewer.com/brewing/brewing-equipment/brew-kettles It is drilled, so you supply the weldless valve. There are gallons marks on the outside in marker, which will wash...
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    Questiong about Primary Reg

    I got CO2 tank and primary regulator from someone that I have never used and want to start using. So I closed the shut valve that is mounted on one of the out ports and turned the gas on, and every time I do this I get gas blowing out of the bleeder on the front of the reg. Almost like it...
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    Better Bottle Failure

    After kegging I always soak my carboys with PBW. Sometimes I am real busy and they will sit with PBW wash water for a few days. I'm starting to think that this is not such a hot idea. Over the last three days I had 3 BBs develop a crack across the bottom and proceed to empty all the wash...