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    Kolsch reciepe . Bittering hops substitution?

    Hat would be solution for replacing perle battering hops for a Ed worts kolsch receipe? I have plenty to get tetttanger, cascade, hallertau and Saaz. Reciepe calls for perle as bittering. In order to match ibus, for the reciepe I would have to use about 3 times as much ttteanger for the...
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    Homebrewing conventions?

    Do they exist? Or are competitions the only large gathering events?
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    Any cure for astringency?

    Just racked a schneiderweisse clone whic tasted a little bit astringent. Smelled great. Fermented at 62 to 64 degrees in my basement for 7 days. Wound up racking it for fermenter space and wound up regretting it since my final gravity was still high 1.020 down from original 1.050. So it's...
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    To brew or not to brew?

    Rain predicted all day tomorrow, got a propane burner set up. That is the question. Got a garage with limited space and an awning with the whole day off. What do you say?
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    Stainless steel passivation question

    OKay so I recently completely use a 60 grit sanding polishing metal pad to sand an entire stainless steel drum I acquired. It looks great. The only dark spot were along the welds at the base and running up the side which are now gone. Is there anything else I need to do? I read all sort of...
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    Barley crusher what size gap is best?

    Nobody have a proffered gap spacing they use with there crusher? I read that 1 and 1 o'clock settings work well somewhere on here. Any suggestions?
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    Leftover grain jumble

    I have 11 pounds weyermann light wheat 12 pounds pilsner 2 pounds 2 row briefs 1 pound crystal15L 2 pounds carafe 3 I usually do 11 gallon batches, I would like anybodys suggestions on a decent reciepe I could use any combination of brew to cook up sometime. Only capable of ales right now...