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    Foamy beer

    Been having issues for long time with foamy beer. Usualy starts about half way through keg. Checked fridge temp- around 36F, coiled hoses on top. I run psi at 12, with 2 kegs off of it. Is that psi high enough for 2 kegs? Read where it should be three sixteens line but there's no way I would...
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    clearing hop debris

    Making a heavy hopped beer and want to clear it up. If I cold crash will that drop out hop debris. Thx
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    Slow finish?

    Brewing a belgian. Over a week and have hit F.G but still have big krausen and yeast is not settling out. Wait it out? O.G 1070. Should add that I made a 1 liter starter of wlp550. Did I under pitch.
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    Digital regulators?

    Anyone know if there is a digital regulator you can buy? Had co2 leak problems lately that where hard to crack and lost lot of co2. Would be nice to have a regulator that keeps more accurate read on your co2 levels so you could see when there's a problem before it's to late. Thanks
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    Mega krausen

    What does it mean if after 10 days I still have a huge krausen. Making a belgian golden with wlp550.
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    Bottling Mead

    1st attempt at making 1 gal of mead. When I bottle do I use same sugar amounts as beer for carbing; do I use sugar?
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    Stir plate first timer

    Built and used my stir plate for first time and since yeast was from feb I stepped it up a few times. Kind of nervous because want to brew tomorrow but in each step of starter I left on for about 12 hrs but did not show any krausen. Cold crashing and appears to be more yeast but I'm wondering if...
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    Crash cooling question

    Got a blueberry ale I want to cold crash in a few days. Problem is my fridge has 2 kegs in already. Would there be any harm in pulling one keg and leaving at room temp for a week than re- chilling so I can throw in my blueberry fermentor?
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    Can I carb keg like this?

    Fridge is taken with lager pail and a keg. Want to keg my Belgian double. Can I carb it around 15 PSI, let it sit outside of fridge and hit it with more gas every few days over a week or more. I shouldn't need any sugar right? Thanks
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    Would you reuse this yeast?

    Used 3787 Trappist to make a Belgian Double (this is 4th gen); made starter but after over 2 weeks this beer is still chugging away. Took a reading OG 1085, FG 1030 so I know that's not low enough. Only yeast I had around was S5 washed so I poured some slurry ( about 125 ml) and swirled. That...
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    Beer post leak

    First time kegging. After first run took posts off to clean; put back together and carbed a new batch. Getting a slow leak from beer post dripping down keg. What do I need to do. Thanks
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    Belgian double trouble

    Doing a double 1085. 1 week and a half into fermentation still fermenting strong and I notice yeast is really slow falling out. took a reading and I'm at 1030. This was made with a starter and ferm temps where right on. Should I just let it ride a few more weeks. Never had a beer show continuous...
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    priming sugar

    Going to bottle my pumpkin ale and when I go to check priming sugar calculator they want to know the style. What would this come under. And the desired volume of co2 listed is 2.5. My OG was 1064. Don't understand much about volumes and what I need for my beer bottled with reg sugar. And its 7 gal.
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    keg off taste

    This is the second time I've kegged a beer and had an off taste to it ( can't describe it) , but I know its not an infection because I brew 7 gal and bottle the remainder which taste fine. The only thing I can figure is spraying the inside with starsan?? Also; one keg off taste, next batch taste...
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    kegging a big beer

    If I'm kegging a big beer 1.080 @ 12 psi should I wait longer then the normal wait time of 1 week?
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    Anyone have a winning Killians red recipe for me. Thanks
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    first time dry hopping

    Anything I need to do to sterilize hops when i pull them from freezer and rack over them?
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    Fresh hops question?

    I'm using some home grown cascade in an IPA tomorrow and want to know if I can pull the hops after the boil as I want to dump this in a carboy an a previous yeast cake. Thanks
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    kegging lager

    This will be my second keg, first lager. Supposed to be lagered 1 month. If I keg it at 3 weeks and keg for a week that should count as a mth lagered right? Also, can and should I add sugar to help carb? Is it worth while if its going back in fridge?
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    recognizing different hops

    So I planted A cascade and a Northern brewer plant last year. Toward the end of the year my marked stick for each plant got rain washed and now I don't know which plant is which. Any way to tell the difference between the 2 plants?