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    Temp Controller (Longmont, CO)

    Based on Love controller. Wired for heating and cooling. Could be used for fermentation or keggerator, or ??? $40. Pickup in Longmont, CO
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    Misc Keg Bits and Pieces (Longmont, Co)

    Misc keg "stuff" Looks like a couple sankey taps. Guinness (nitro) tap w/broken Guinness handle. New Belgium Tap handle. Beer line cleaner. Cool cleaner I built into a Nalgeen bottle. You fill up the bottle with beer line liner, pressurized with the hand pump, and it has a pickup tube that goes...
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    Hop Spider Parts (Longmont, CO)

    Bought a milled aluminum part to make a "hop spider". Never built it. Not sure if these are still a thing or not. Payed $30 for the round center piece. Also has 3/8-16 x 4" aluminum studs and misc 1/4-20" aluminum nuts/bolts. Not sure what the 1/4-20 stuff was for to be honest. 3/8-16 is the...
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    Carboy Cleaner w/pump (Longmont, CO)

    Carboy cleaner. Probably based on some design seen here. Built it then used 1-2 before I got out of brewing. Fill it up with PBW, caustic, whatever and let it go. Start with cold water, pumping water heats it. If you leave it on long enough it heats to the thermal cut-off of the motor. Looks...
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    Fermentation chamber (cooling + heat) Longmont, CO

    Homemade fermentation chamber. Cooling via window A/C, heating via panel mount heater. Includes controller. Was going to finish this nicely (oak plywood, trim, etc.) but never finished and I don't brew anymore. It 100% works as is and I have used it. The unfinished part is the top, trim,stain...
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    Want to borrow Jockey box in Denver

    Anybody have a Jocky box or portable trash can kegerator to lend out in Denver/Boulder? Looking for 1-4 taps. I'll make it worth your while!
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    Colorado Silicone Tubing

    Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing; 38'; .5x.75". $35 + shipping. Will NOT fit in a flat rate box, so likely $15-20? I can pick up extra the shipping above $20 to lower 48. OBO.
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    Colorado Golden CO free gear

    Hydrometers, growler, sidekicks, who knows what else. Pick up tonight?
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    Looking for a SCOBY in denver/boulder

    Hi, not sure if this belongs here or the classifieds. I am looking for a SCOBY in Denver or Boulder.I live in Golden and work in Boulder. If you had a few minutes to show me your process I'd appreciate that too. Thanks, Jeff
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    Siemens QPF GFCI

    Any interest in a Siemens GFCI 2 pole 30amp breaker? Brand new. Would not be able to ship for aprx. one week. $35 shipped to US. Jeff
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    Dissident is out there (at least in CO). Grab em while you can. Great beer. Jeff
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    Denver - Base grain for sale

    Not going to brew much for a while, looking to sell my base grain. I have likely 40+ lbs of pils, 50+ lbs of colorado pale (2row). From colorado malting co spring 2012. Located in Lakewood, local pickup only. Can also meet in Boulder. Let me know if your interested, and we can figure out...
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    Took a brewery job!

    Put in my 2 weeks notice today at my current job. Looking forward to starting at a major craft brewery in a couple weeks! Big pay cut, but hopefully I will like the work. I'm excited.
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    Holding pork till serving question

    Smoked 2 shoulders. Finished way earlier than they normally do (mine were taking freakishly long before). Dinner is 6 hours out....will foil and cooler work that long, or should I fridge and reheat?
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    Lady on lady love.

    Things are getting steamy in the ole hop garden...
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    Beards, gotta go. Help.

    Working at a mine site where the beard has to go. First off, will my beer be OK? Don't believe I have brewed without one. I heard rumors that there might be a lady brewer or two out there. How do you do it? Do I have to do anything extra so that the beer comes out ok? Secondly, how does...
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    will mozz recipes scale?

    New to cheese making. Looking at making mozzarella with 1/2 gal of milk instead of 1. Any reason it wouldn't scale right?
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    Move Beersmith activation?

    Replaced a computer. How do I kill the license on the old box and move it to the new? Anybody know? Thnaks, Jeff
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    Truck work

    Jacked up my truck and popped off the differential cover. Tomorrow I am replacing the rear axle bearings, seals, rear drum brake shoes, front axle bearings, rotors, and pads. Hope it all goes well...I'm mechanically inclined, but have never done this before....we'll see...
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    Grolsh style flip tops - denver

    29 green grolsh style flip tops for sale. Local picku in denver (I'm in lakewood). $1 each or $20 for the whole lot. Will not ship. Thanks, jeff