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    1st "non kit" brew

    My wife and I just brewed our 1st beer NOT using a pre packaged kit. I just finished brewing an IPA so I let her choose a recipe from the database. We made some minor changes to the origional recipe posted by dcott. This is what we did. Recipe Type: Extract Yeast:White Labs Belgian wit...
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    Gravity ?'s

    Im brewing an IPA that is supposed to have final gravity of about 1.010. My origional gravity was 1.061. I just moved it into secondary (14 days in primary), and checked my gravity before I added 1oz kent goldings for dry hopping, gravity was 1.019. My question is will this move at all during...
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    WTB: Corny kegs (2) LOCAL-Denver CO

    I'm looking for some Corny kegs. Striking out on craigslist. Will pay $40-50 per keg. Thanks Edit: I'm also looking for some all grain equip; burners,hardware, kettles, that are set up. I have a typical extract kit- 2 carboys,20qt kettle, regular stuff. Im looking to go all grain. thanks for...
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    8th batch-1st post

    I just started my 8th batch this week (IPA-extract). My previous batches have turned out ok. A couple mild infections causing off taste. All in all my beers have all tased the same, Lacked any true flavor. Im hopefull this IPA will break the trend, although it started a little rough. about 24hrs...