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  1. thadeus_d3

    Cascade Hop Pellets 1LB for $6.99 + Shipping

    Adventures in Homebrewing has 1lb bags of Cascade hop pellets for $6.99+ shipping. These are the 2016 crop. Shipping was a flat $11 for me, no matter how many bags I ordered. https://www.homebrewing.org/Cascade-Hop-Pellets-1-lb_p_690.html
  2. thadeus_d3

    ISO: Heady Topper FT: Pliny the Elder

    I have RR Pliny the Elder bottled on 4/12/17 that I'd like to trade for Heady Topper.
  3. thadeus_d3

    Tap Handle Ferrule

    My brother bought me this awesome tap handle, but it did not come with the screw or brass ferrule (first picture). Does anyone have a good source for tap handle ferrules? I'd like to get a long one so that it looks original (2nd picture).
  4. thadeus_d3

    Ohio Taprite Regulators! Nitrogen, dual pressure and secondary regulators

    I'm selling 3 taprite regulators. All are used in working condition with no leaks. Free pickup in Cleveland, OH or actual shipping costs. The first one is a dual pressure regulator with the gas hose. It's missing the psi gauges, but you can use a tire gauge to check the pressure. $40 plus...
  5. thadeus_d3

    Jockey Box Cold Plate Leak

    I picked up this bad boy for $10. It works, but has a tiny leak on the liquid out post of the cold plate. I observed 3 drops of water when I ran 1 gallon through the hoses. I've tightened the liquid post and hose clamps. Do you guys think I could solder the post to fix the leak...
  6. thadeus_d3

    Hop Bursting with Galena

    I have a few pounds of Galena hops that I've been sitting on for a few years. I'd like to use them soon and thought about creating an IPA using them and maybe Columbus. I would also like to hop burst to use them up and get a ton of flavor and aroma. What are your thoughts on the Galena/Columbus...
  7. thadeus_d3

    Ohio Steel 10# CO2 Tank Full $65

    I'm selling a steel 10lb C02 tank is in-date and filled on 1/7/16. I have the receipt for the refill that I can share if you're interested. I also have a steel 20lb tank that was last tested in 2009. Asking $40 for that one. Located in Cleveland, OH.
  8. thadeus_d3

    Ohio New Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator $30

    I'm selling a brand new in box dual gauge C02 regulator that was purchased from Midwest Brewing Supplies. I was going to use it for my keezer, but went with a dual outlet regulator instead. $30 plus actual shipping costs at the buyer's expense or local pickup in Cleveland, OH. Update: Price...
  9. thadeus_d3

    Countertop Drip Tray

    I'm looking for a countrertop drip tray. I need a fairly long one, over 15", with no drain on the bottom. This one would be perfect, but I'd prefer not to spend $40. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002E0Y78A/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  10. thadeus_d3

    Ohio Perlick 4 way co2 manifold

    I'm selling a 4 way manifold that's in good condition. 3 shutoffs are 5/16 barb and 1 shutoff is 1/4 barb. I guarantee there are no leaks. The 3 shutoffs are Perlick and the other is generic. $45 shipped. Edit: $40 shipped
  11. thadeus_d3

    Georgia Drip Tray

    Is it wall mounted? Looks like it, but I can't tell from the pics. How long is it?
  12. thadeus_d3

    Ohio 20lb CO2 Tanks $50

    I'm selling the 2 steel co2 tanks pictured for $50 each. There may or may not be gas in them...I haven't checked. I plan on keeping the aluminum tank. I'm also willing to trade one 20lb tank for 2 * 5lb tanks. Pickup only, no delivery.
  13. thadeus_d3

    Ohio Dual Tap Tower with Faucets and Drip Tray Brass $95

    I'm selling a brass dual tap tower with 2 SS wall mount drip trays and faucets. The tap tower is in fair cosmetic condition and works perfectly. It has an antique look, but if a little bit of brasso and elbow grease will have it shining like new.
  14. thadeus_d3

    Ohio Kenmore Kegerator - 225

    I have a Kenmore kegerator for sale for $225. This comes with an aluminum co2 tank with a regulator and bit of gas left, bud light tap handle, sanke tap to connect commercial kegs, tubing and ball lock keg gas/liquid connector. The kegerator is all original and has temperature control built...
  15. thadeus_d3

    Mash Tun Discoloration

    I'm using a 10g Home Depot cooler as a mash tun. After my last brew, I noticed that there is a slight brown color on inside of the cooler, presumably near the top of the grain bed after mashing. I always clean my equipment with soapy water after each use and I always discard the grain...
  16. thadeus_d3

    Vinyl Tile on Keezer?

    Has anyone successfully placed vinyl tile on a keezer? I just built a keezer and wanted to add vinyl tiles, but they are falling off. Sanding does not help. I was wondering if there was an adhesive that can be used to bond the tile to the keezer?
  17. thadeus_d3

    Banana Ale AG Recipe using Banana Extract?

    I was recently cleaning my fridge and found 8 ounces of banana extract. I'm a fan of Wells banana bread beer and was wondering if anyone has made something similar using banana extract and 2 row? I've searched all over, but I have not found a recipe that specifically uses banana extract, other...
  18. thadeus_d3

    Ball Lock Quick Disconnects

    I'm looking to buy a bunch of ball lock quick disconnects. I need both the liquid and gas disconnects. The more, the better.
  19. thadeus_d3

    What areThese?

    I've recently acquired homebrew equipment from a retired couple that hasn't brewed since the late 90s. I was wondering if you folks could tell me what is in the attachment? It looks like a metal racking cane, but it's in 3 pieces and doesn't have the black rubber tip that most canes have. The...
  20. thadeus_d3

    Trade 2 Ball lock Corny Kegs for a Grain Mill

    Update: This thread can be closed