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  1. nasmeyer

    Need help figuring out how to program cheap controller

    I need some help figuring out how to program/use my new Fahrenheit controller. I purchased this from eBay to replace an older Celsius model to control my fermentation chamber consisting of an insulated box, with fan feed air from an ice filled cooler. I would set my old controller to kick the...
  2. nasmeyer

    Can I raise fermentation temps based on gravity for an ale?

    A while back I read about someone wanting to fully attenuate a lager by increasing their fermentation temps a few degrees based on the current gravity of their beer, somewhere around 50% of terminal gravity, then raise it a few more degrees when the gravity hits around 75% of terminal gravity...
  3. nasmeyer

    Does bottling sooner create quicker or more carbonation?

    After the majority of fermentation is finished after 5-7 days, C02 bubbles continue to rise and slowly taper off within a few weeks (general assumption not based on any particular style or gravity) Knowing that fermentation was finished, if a beer was bottled while these bubbles were still...
  4. nasmeyer

    Dumping or crushing pellet dry hops

    I have always just dumped pellet hops into the fermenter when dry hopping. I was wondering if crushing the pellets first would be of any benefit? Seems like it might allow for quicker release of oils and aroma into the beer.
  5. nasmeyer

    Questions about extract brewing with distilled, tap, and spring water

    I have a couple of questions about using different water types for extract brewing. I was curious what results I would get if I brewed 3 batches of the same extract recipe using filtered tap water, distilled water, and natural spring water. This has only been fermenting for a few days but I...
  6. nasmeyer

    Brewing method adding ALL DME at flameout. Derecho IPA. Does it work?

    I was searching online for a way to make a better extract IPA and came across this artical in the Austrailian magazine Beer and Brewer. John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff give advice on using distilled water and adding Gypsum to accentuate the hops. They also give a recipe for Derecho IPA which...
  7. nasmeyer

    Should I bottle while rising c02 bubbles still present or wait?

    If I made two 5 gallon batches of exactly the same extract ale recipes, that both had a SG of 1.060, were fermented at 64*, and had a gravity reading of 1.014 for three straight days after 14 days of fermentation, and I bottled one of them with 4 ¾ oz of priming sugar at 18 days while c02...
  8. nasmeyer

    Question about late additions

    When adding a late malt addition to an extract boil at or near the end, does the malt have time create a hot break? Should the late addition be added early enough to create a hot break or does it not matter?
  9. nasmeyer

    1 gallon batch. 45 or 60 minute boil?

    I have brewed a few 1 gallon extract recipe kits from Northern Brewer and modified them to test different grains, hops, and gravities. This way if I screw something up I dont have two cases of "Mistake Ale". All of NB's 1 gallon batch recipes are based on a 45 minute boil. Why is this? Does a...
  10. nasmeyer

    Bad practices or not?

    I have a couple of questions about possible contamination points during fermentation. I use plastic fermentation buckets placed in a large tub of water which I either heat or cool based on time of year, and can keep my fermentation within one degree of whatever set-point I shoot for. A possible...
  11. nasmeyer

    Off flavors using nylon paint strainer in boil?

    Trying to track down some off flavors. I was wondering if anyone has had flavor issues using a 5 gallon nylon paint strainer for hops during the boiling process? They certainly work well to keep hops out of the trub, but I am not sure I am not extracting anything bad from the nylon after an hour.
  12. nasmeyer

    Starsan question

    I listened to a Basic Brewing podcast where James interviewed the owner of 5 Star who makes Starsan. The owner said Starsan can be kept until it turns cloudy, and then needs to be dumped. He also suggests using distilled water which will keep the solution clear and usable much longer. I noticed...
  13. nasmeyer

    Can a hydrometer become un-calibrated?

    I just checked my hydrometer in 60 degree distilled water, and got a reading of 1.004. I would have to believe I calibrated it when it was new but don't remember doing so. Can a hydrometer become un-calibrated without actually breaking the glass? I would have to think that anything that would...
  14. nasmeyer

    Is over carbonation in bottles caused by high FG?

    Many of my bottles extract batches seem to become over carbonated after a month or so in bottles. I use the correct amount of priming sugar for the style I am brewing based on a priming calculator online. Many of my batches do not hit the intended FG, they usually finish 3-4 points higher than...
  15. nasmeyer

    Colby method of steeping grains - Eliminating off flavors

    I have once again brewed extract batch of I.P.A. that has finished with a harsh astringency. I came across this thread https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f37/attention-all-extract-brewers-harsh-bitterness-aftertaste-128731/ with many other people discussing the same issue. Chris Colby was quoted in...
  16. nasmeyer

    Founders Reds Rye extract clone?

    Now that NB is selling Rye LME does anyone have a decent Founders Reds Rye extract clone recipe? The all grain clones I found look like the grain bills are rather complex to convert the extract.
  17. nasmeyer

    Questions on stepping up a starter

    I have a couple of questions about stepping up a starter. I recently brewed an ale with a starting gravity of 1064 using a 1056 yeast. The Mr. Malty calculator showed I needed a starter of 3.1 liters based on the vitality of the smack pack. The ale finished a bit higher that was supposed to and...
  18. nasmeyer

    What temp to enter into priming calculator?

    The free priming sugar calculators online ask for fermentation temperature as one of the inputs when determing the sugar amount for bottling. I assume this is the temperature during active fermentation when the CO2 is being produced, and not the ending fermentation temperature? I start my ales...
  19. nasmeyer

    What CO2 to purge secondary with?

    It's probably some what unnecessary but I would like the ability to purge oxygen out of my secondary and bottle bucket using CO2. Can the small CO2 cylinders used for paintball guns and bicycle tire inflators be used for this, or do I have to use the more expensive food grade cylinders?
  20. nasmeyer

    Flame-out hops, chilling and whirpooling question

    I have let my flame-out hops simmer for 20 minutes or so in the boil kettle after turning the burner off, to extract as much hop flavor as I can before chilling the beer with an imersion chiller. I would like to whirlpool as well on my next batch, but am concerned that if I whirlpool while my...