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  1. arachnyd

    Sake and Rice Wines

    Okay, this is not beer, but there is no forum for 'other potables' except the mead and cider forums In case you are interested, Fred Eckhardt, the foremost authority on homebrewed sake in the USA, has a recipe for sake here: recepty.veruska.cz/_sys/eckhardt-sake.pdf It is a PDF file. (I...
  2. arachnyd

    Sage Ale

    Ever try subsituting other herbs for the hops in a batch of beer? After reading Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Buhner, I thought I would give it a try. Since he reports claims that culinary sage makes a more inebriating beer, and because I had it in my garden, I tried a one-gallon batch...
  3. arachnyd

    SaTho - Thai traditional rice wine

    I have several friends in Thailand who teach English to Thai children of various ages. One day, while talking to one of these friends, she mentioned the rice wine her mother makes to celebrate new year's (no celebration this year :( ) The only ingredients are thai glutinous rice and chinese...