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    Illinois Cool Brewing swamp chiller

    Selling a Cool Brewing fermenter. Never used - straight out of the box. I happened to receive it as a gift at the same time as I received another similar model so I really don't need it. Great for fermenting for brewers who are short on space. More info on the product is here...
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    Cool Zone experience?

    Has anyone had any experience with the Cool Zone from www.inspiredbrewing.com? I'm in a 1 br. Apt in a big city and temperature control and space are my biggest issues. This looks like it may be a good solution in that it is small and looks like it can be put away easily. Thoughts...
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    Low temps for fermentation

    Need to leave town for a few days so I can't monitor fermentation temps on my Belgian Wit I just put in the fermenter. White Labs Belgian yeast--White Labs says its good 67 F. Planned to ferment in the fridge but the highest the fridge will go is 64. Temps in the house hover around 85 during...
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    Swamp Chiller temps

    Tired of buying ice to fill my bathtub with, I'm making a quick swamp chiller this weekend for a new brew. I've heard, however, that you need the temperature of the water in a swamp chiller to be lower than what you actually want to ferment at. Anyone have any methods, theories, ideas of...
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    Metallic taste

    I've brewed about 8 batches, and all have a metallic flavor. Here's a few recipes I've used and had metallic taste on it. The darker the beer, the more pronounced the metallic flavor. The worst was the Pumpkin...
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    Too Much Wort!

    I've had this problem a couple of times--coming up with too much wort. This past weekend I did an AG Pumpkin Ale, looking to brew 3 gallons and came up with 4 gallons :( Here's the calculator I used. http://www.brew365.com/mash_sparge_water_calculator.php I boil on my stove so I may...
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    Cost question--Partial vs. AG

    I just started partial mash brewing and love the freedom it gives. I've already got my eye on AG, but I live in an apartment with only a stove so it's harder to get any volume greater than 5 gallons to boil. I was just wondering--what's the price point difference between Partial and AG? I...
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    Getting Max Efficiency

    OK--I'm just starting Partial Grain brewing and want to get my max efficiency. When I'm draining the grains after mashing, or after sparging, it only drains so long. Is it necessary or suggested to squeeze my grain bag to get as much water that's hiding between those grains out into my tun...
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    First Batch Done - Some Questions

    First off, thanks for anyone who can help me out. Long time beer geek, first time brewing. Went out and purchased a starter kit and just got done with the first batch. I have some questions about some of the directions that came with the kit that don't seem quite right, even though I...