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  1. TacoGuthrie

    troubleshoot a counter pressure bottle filler

    I got a CPBF recently but I can't make it work. I think there is a problem with the gas side. I can here gas going in and when I slightly loosen any tube at the 'T' i hear it. But when I open the valve I don't hear any gas coming out the bottom of the dip tube. When I turn that gas...
  2. TacoGuthrie

    Blonde Ale w/ Spruce tips

    I want to make a beer with spruce tips but most of the recipes i've seen are for Brown ales or barley wines. Because spruce tips pop in the late spring around here i want to make a lighter beer. Both in colour and body. So here goes. Critique away... Recipe Specifications...
  3. TacoGuthrie

    thermometer was off...help

    Brewed 2 weeks ago. I didn't notice during the mash, only during the boil, that the my thermometer was off. I thought i was mashing at 151-152 but it could've been 10F (or more?) lower. Well it's been in the fermenter for two weeks. Week one at 64, week two at 67. OG was 1.060. Now it's...
  4. TacoGuthrie

    Where can I buy a project box?

    I want a project box to build a beer tower cooling fan. This should be an easy find but I can't seem to find one big enough to hold a fan around town. We have a Source (formerly Radio Shack) but they have small ones only...
  5. TacoGuthrie

    1.052 --> 1.006

    I just racked a batch of ESB from a carboy over to my keg and it seems a bit 'funny'. Some stats: Mashed at 153 OG 1.052 FG 1.006 Yeast: WY1275 - Thames Valley Had lots of airlock activity for a long time. It seemed to go on for a long long time. The airlock finally settled down after...
  6. TacoGuthrie

    Grain to glass in 2 weeks suggestions

    So the wife (mostly) and I (less so) decided we're having a holiday open house/ party in 2 weeks. Timing couldn't be worse w/r/t my supply right now. I just kicked one keg and the other seems to have only 1/4 left. So now this weekend I'd like to brew two batches. Both need to be...
  7. TacoGuthrie

    Hopping schedule and combo with Nelson Sauvin

    Recently picked up some NZ Nelson Sauvin hops. I've never used them before and i've done some research on HBT and put together the following APA recipe. The malt bill is one i've used a few times on another APA that I bitter with Magnum and then use Cascade and Centennials for flavour/...
  8. TacoGuthrie

    corny keg dip tube screen idea

    I'd like to dry hop in the keg but without a muslin bag. I just want to have them floating around in there because I feel that putting a buncha hops into a bag limits the surface to wort ratio and limits hop flavour. I know about the Surescreen but I was thinking about a DIY approach and...
  9. TacoGuthrie

    fermenting sample?

    I took a sample on the weekend and it was much higher than i thought it was going to be at 1.032. I forgot/ lazily left the sample with the hydrometer in it in the beer room and went back a couple of days later and noticed it was down to 1.024. Does it make sense that a sample would...
  10. TacoGuthrie

    4 vines @ 10ft = 2 vines @ 20ft??

    I've got second year cascades in the ground, growing 2 vines per plant. However I am only able to get a 10' trellis. One of the plants is almost that high. So instead of trying to get 2 vines up to 20' I thought of letting more vines comeup some more training string to 10'. I was...
  11. TacoGuthrie

    English malt, english yeast, American hops

    Lately I have really enjoyed some commercial beers that are either malty american ipas or ESB/ Bitters that are well hopped with American hops. I've seen the latter referred to as Northwest Style ESB. I'd like to brew something up that falls into this area. I figure around a 5ABV beer...
  12. TacoGuthrie

    Hitting pre boil gravity but low OG

    My last few brews I've been having this problem where I come up about 6-8 pts short on my OG. Yet when I do a pre-boil gravity check I hit it dead on according to my Beersmith print out. Can someone help me trouble shoot this one? I thought it might be boil off but I'm boiling it down to 6...
  13. TacoGuthrie

    trouble carbing this hefe

    I have a Hefeweizen in a keg right now that doesn't seem to be carbonating, but it's been a bit of a ride... I kegged it one week ago, straight from primary to keg. Hit it with 30 psi for 24 hrs - I even rocked the keg for a few mins to burst carb it. Down to 12 PSI for 48 hrs but... Had...
  14. TacoGuthrie

    How often do i need to re-hook up the CO2 to a keg?

    Hi all, As of right now I've got two kegs and one regulator with no splitter etc. I have one keg that has been carbed and serving it for two weeks. I unhooked the gas to burst carb another keg about 48hrs ago. It was at 30 for 24 hrs and is now at 12 psi. When should I rehook up my...
  15. TacoGuthrie

    new to kegging - didn't connect serving line till now D'OH

    5 days ago i racked beer into a corny keg for the first time. i hit it with 30 psi for 24 hrs. Then lowered to 10 for the next 4 days. well i went to go and serve myself some today. The problem was that i had not connected my picnic tap, hose and disconnect to the keg. I thought that...
  16. TacoGuthrie

    do i have a co2 leak

    Long time bottler, first time kegger :mug: I kegged last night. I have a 20lb tank. Set it to 30 psi and put it in the fridge. 12 hrs later i checked on it and noticed the high pressure gauge (this is the one that tells me how much gas is in the tank, right?) has gone from 800- 500...
  17. TacoGuthrie

    Carbing with a fire extinguisher

    Totally new to kegging and nobody local to help me out so excuse me if these are dumb questions.... I bought 2 cornies and everything i needed to start kegging except for a co2 tank from my not so local homebrew shop. I didn't buy the tank because they only had 20lber and i had to fly...
  18. TacoGuthrie

    another stuck fermentation thread

    Quick help on this one: OG -1.072 Yeast:WY1098 (first time i've ever used this one) - 2L starter 2 weeks in primary. SG after 7 days 1.030. SG after 14 days 1.024. After the high SG check at 7 days I did all my usual tricks to kick start finishing fermentation: Raised room temp to...
  19. TacoGuthrie

    Washing yeast a week later?

    I had a yeast cake sitting in my carboy for 6 days before I was able to wash it. It had a little bit of wort on top of it (.5 cm) and was covered with airlock and stored around 65 degrees. Will there be any issues with washing this yeast this many days in?
  20. TacoGuthrie

    Did I do the right thing?

    I opened up a bottle of my house IPA and it was dead flat. One more bottle, same thing. It had been bottle conditioning for >4 weeks including time i was away for xmas holidays. Why?Why? I was busting my brain trying to figure out what went wrong. My best guess is that I somehow simply...