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    Source of High temp silicone tubing at a good price

    I am in need of purchasing some replacement tubing for my brewery. High temp with at least some visibilaty to liquid in tubing is preferred. Somebody know of a good source?
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    Converting from 20LB portable L.P. tank to homes L.P. tank

    I have a single tier two burner brew rig. I have been using it with a 20 LB LP tank and it kicks butt. The burner are the 10" Hurricane/Banjo type. I had the local LP people come in and run a copper tube from my house tank to my new brew shed. They added a regulator. I am not getting...
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    Ventalation/Exhaust Fan sources

    I am developing a 12 by 19' dedicated brewing facility. It will be a three season brewing facility. My brewing set up includes a single stage duel 170BTU L.P. burners. I have a double door set up to the outdoors, two windows located nest the the brew rig and a door opening into my wood...
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    Yeast Harvesting Conical Style

    You folks with conicals: Do you wash your yeast after harvesting, or, do you just let it sit, decant and pitch. (Or store and make a starter before reusing.) I harvested about a gallon and a half from my 15 gallon fermentor. I will let it settle, then decant and consolidate from two...
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    Treating water - both the mash and sparge?

    When treating water is it only the mash to be concerned about? Or, are there factors in which the sparge water needs treatment? When using extract water is not treated. Thanks
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    I have my 15 gallon conical placed in a temperature controlled refrigerator. That refrigerator is located in my garage where the ambient temp is around 45F. My Ranco controller works very well in the warm months as it controls the refrigerator. It does not provide the heat needed to get up...
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    Transferring carbonated beer from keg to bottle.

    I stopped at one of my local home brew shops. It is one of the large ones you most likely know of. Talking to a staff member, I mentioned I would like to transfer beer from a keg to bottles. I want to make a six pack or two to take to events, parties, competitions etc. His solution was a...
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    5L Flask - Need stir plate advice

    I use a 5L flask for building my starters. My starters are usually in the 2.5L range. I currently use a homemade stir plate and want to get a new one. I found one from Bell's General Store and am wondering if anybody has experience with it. Specifically, will it work with my 5L flask...
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    Wyeast 2565 Completion

    I do not use this yeast very often and if I ever had this as an issue, I no longer remember. Today is October 1, 2013. On 9/17/13 I pitched a Wyeast 2565 starter to a 15 gallon conical. Everything took off well and my temp controlled chamber kept the yeast happy at 62F + or - 3F. I took...
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    Refrigerators, (fermentation chambers), used in cold conditions.

    I am converting one of my farms outbuildings to a dedicated brewery. I use temperature controlled refrigerators for fermenting my 15 gallon batches. Living in Wisconsin the winters can get cold and it is my understanding that refrigerators have a hard time operating in freezing conditions...
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    New Brewery - Test with ten gallon batches, or, the fifteen gallon maximum capacity?

    Later today I will pick up my new HLT. That will complete a process resulting in the move from a ten gallon to a fifteen gallon brewery. I will of course need to dial in my equipment and set up my software etc. My question, I am used to brewing 10 gallon brews. Should I continue to do so...
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    Boilr off rates with a 25 Gallon Mega Pot in Beersmith

    I will be introducing my new boil kettle to the flame tomorrow. I know there are a lot of variables in determining boil off rates. But I would like to start the process of configuring the rate from some bases of knowledge. I was wondering if anybody uses a 25 Gallon Mega Pot as a brew kettle...
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    Mash Tun for 15 Gallon Brewery

    Hi I currently brew ten gallon batches, ie, ten gallons into the fermenter. I will be converting one of my farm outbuildings to a brewery and want to move to a 15 gallon system. I just ordered my brew kettle and will begin building a 15 gallon conical for fermenting. I do though...
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    Water for mashing only?

    Hi The water I have is very good for dark beers. Yet, tomorrow I want to brew a Pale Ale. I bought some RO water for brewing. My question is: Once the mashing process is over can I simply sparge with my local water rather than the RO? I think I can but simply want to confirm. Thanks
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    L.P. gas set up.

    Hi I am finishing up a conversion from natural gas to L.P. and have some questions. I had a heating guy stup in a gas line into my garage. The line comes off of my large tank used to supply my homes appliances. The new line is located next to a door and I plan on brewing on a patio...
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    I want my natural gas back

    I am in the process of moving my brewery to the country. I have had my new garage wired specifically for my outdoor brewing area. I added an indoor water line to support that brewing area. Tomorrow, a gas guy will install the fittings and line, (L.P.), needed to use my single tier ten gallon...
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    Ten Gallon, Keg as a Boil Kettle, 90 Min Boil

    Anybody here brew ten gallons using a converted keg and boiling for 90 minutes? I batch sparge and add my first runnings to the boil kettle. I then use two sparges. I add what I can to the boil kettle so I have 13.5 gallons in the kettle and bring it to the boil. Using what is left for...
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    Mini Fridge kegerator running too cold

    Hi I am converting the GE WMR04GAVBB 4.5 cu. ft. compact fridge into a keggerator. I had to move the thermostat and have done so. I am though, finding that the refrigerator is running too cold. It is getting down to 20F. When I test ran it before the modification it ran at my serving...
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    Mini Fridge kegerator set up.

    Hi I have been serving my beer using a mini refrigerator and a picnic tap. I am in the process of finishing a mini refrigerator build. I have converted the fridge so far by moving the freezer coils and the thermostat. The fridge cools down and the CO2 tank and two cornies fit. I also...
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    90 minute, ten gallon boils & Short Boil Kettle

    I am planning on moving to 90 minute boils. I am using a converted keg and am concerned about starting volume compared to available kettle space. My brew kettle is 16 gallons and my initial volume is 14.25 gallons. Won't I just be controlling boil over for the first 45 minutes?