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    Michigan BYO 2 for 1 subscription

    I have the BYO 2 for 1 subscription offer available. First person to email me at [email protected] gets it. $16.50 through PayPal or money order. If sending through PayPal, please send as gift so I do not incur any fees. Closed
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    Michigan Hanna Digital Refractometer

    I am selling my Hanna Digital Refractometer Model #HI 96801 that I received as a gift for Christmas. While it was a very nice gift, I really don't find myself using it nearly as much as I should since my brewing time has taken a nose dive. The unit is is excellent/like new condition. I have...
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    Michigan $50 Gift Certificate for MyOwnLabels.com

    I have a $50 gift certificate for myownlabels.com that I received as a gift that I don't think that I will use. I am asking $35.00. Paypal or a money order will work for payment. If you pay with Paypal, just mark it as a "gift" when you send payment so I do not incur any Paypal fees. PM me if...
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    Michigan Copper Wort Chiller 3/8" X 25'

    I am selling my copper wort chiller. The chiller is in great condition with no leaks. Size is 3/8" X 25'. Approximate dimensions are 13" to top of chiller, 7" diameter, and 8" to top of coils. $45.00 shipped. Pm me if interested.
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    Michigan Hop Crowns for sale

    While at a recent homebrew clubs After Holiday Party I won a gift certificate for (5) 1 gallon hops crowns from Great Lakes Hops. After thinking about where to plant them, I have decided that I just have too much shade in my backyard for them to grow properly. So, I have decided to sell the gift...
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    It's that time of year again....BYO B1G1 FREE OFFER

    1st one to pm me gets it for $16.50!
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    Honey varieties and their tastes from Arizona?

    I live in Michigan and a good friend of mine is driving out to the Flagstaff, Arizona area in a couple of weeks. I asked her if she would mind bringing me back some honey on her return trip. She said it is ok. I am looking to get about 60 lbs. I have looked a bit for honey varieties that come...
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    Looking for lowest price for a Johnson Controls digital teperature controller.

    I am seting up my Christmas list and am looking for the lowest price to buy this controller. Has anyone of you guys bought this one for a low price recently?
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    Back sweetening and clarifying.

    I just back sweetened a peach melomel for the first time today. I have 3 more melomels to back sweeten soon. Obviously the mead turned cloudy after adding the honey. So, my question is how long, on average does it take for the mead to clear up again after adding honey? Also, how many of you use...
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    Long term aging mead...now what?

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    Plain Wheat DME for a starter?

    I have 5 lbs of Plain Wheat DME that I really don't have use for in any of my recipes. I was wondering if it is ok to use this type of DME in my starters? It consists of 55% wheat and 45% barley. The dme would be used for most any beer that I make....scottish ales, ipa, spiced beer, a little bit...
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    2 for 1 Brew Magazine Subscription

    Well, it's that time of year again. The 2 for 1 offer from Brew magazine. Buy one subscription(1 year) for $28.00 and get one free. So, that comes out to $14.00 a person. I did this last year and it worked out well. First one to respond to this thread gets the subscription for $14.00. I will...
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    Used Johnson Controls Analog Thermostat

    I have a used Johnson Controls Analog Thermostat for sale. This is the one commonly seen in brewing supply stores. The temp probe is broken so it will need a new probe. It was given to me by a friend and has worked very good the few times that I used it. It was off by about 3 degrees from actual...
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    Still bubbling after a year?

    Last June 6th I made a strawberry/banana melomel. Here is some info below that I copied from my notes.... 18 lb strawberries 4 lbs bananas 18lbs raw wildflower noney Lalvin 71B 8-10-2010---Racked to another carboy. Gravity was 1.010. It tasted very good. A bit "hot". Clarity was good...
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    Finer crush vs. coarser crush/ higher speed vs. lower speed

    I was talking with a brew buddy the other day and the subject of milling grain with a Barley Crusher came up. We were discussing the speed of the crush and how it relates to the type of crush that you get. The question that we have is this.... Does a faster speed with your drill motor- or...
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    Is the temperature probe replaceable on Johnson Controls?

    Model # A19 AAT-2? The wire going into the probe broke off today. Hopefully I can replace just the probe.
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    1 gallon glass wine jugs

    I have quite a few of these that I would like to get rid of...approximately 30. I am asking $1 each for them. They just need to be rinsed and the label removed. Local pick-up only in SE Michigan.
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    Mash out and batch sparging?

    I was thinking today about my batch sparging process and started wondering if I am doing it correctly. For some reason, doubt has entered my mind about my process. Here it is....Assuming a target temp of 152F 1) Mash in with 163F H20, hold for 60 minutes...I know everyones system is different...
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    Can backsweetening reduce the flavors of fusel alcohols?

    I started mead making last March and have about 5 meads/melomels in the carboys for long term ageing. I have sampled all of them and they all have the hot alcohol burn. Some more then others. Without getting into the recipes all were fermented in the mid 60's to around 70F. They all turned...
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    Hops...German Tettnanger & Williamette

    I have right around 1lb of German Tettnanger and about 14 ounces of Williamette pellet hops that I would like to sell. I really don't use them too much. They were purchased this past fall from Hops Direct. They have been vacuum sealed from day one with a Foodsaver vacuum sealer. I am asking...