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  1. rasherb

    Wood Causing Haze?

    I Added Makers Mark soaked on toasted oak cubes to a barley wine about a week ago. Now there is some wicked haze going on that was not there before. Has this happened to anyone else when adding wood?
  2. rasherb

    fermcap oops

    I just poured about an ounce of fermcap in my starter. Am I in trouble?
  3. rasherb

    Diacetyl Help

    I finished my diacetyl rest (24hrs) on a lager and started ramping the temp down to 2C. I tasted it today and there was still a lot of diacetyl character. Should I raise the temperature back up for more resting time? Yeast is WLP 830.
  4. rasherb

    Cigar City - Jai Alai

    Pronounced 'Hi-Lie.' My new favorite IPA. I'm perplexed by the hop profile. Anyone have insight into what is used on this bad boy?
  5. rasherb


    Can someone tell me if one of these is correct? 1. Hops go in boil 2. Alpha Acids become soluble and leave hops to go into wort 3. Alpha Acids Isomerize and contribute bitterness or 1. Hops go in boil 2. Alpha Acids Isomerize 3. Isomerized AAs become soluble and leave hops to go...
  6. rasherb

    How Long Do Bittering Hops Need to Be in Boil?

    So I put my bittering addition it at 60 min. At what point are all the alpha acids washed away from hop cones? Is there a point where I could pull out the hop cones, but the alpha acids would still be left behind? Seems like if the alpha acids are in the wort after say 15 min, boiling hop...
  7. rasherb

    Completely Aerobic Fermentation?

    I think this is a question for the science thread. Is it possible for yeast to consume all the sugars in a wort without going anaerobic? What would the resulting beer be like?
  8. rasherb

    Habanero Mojito Soda

    Made this with a friend's Habs this weekend. Really tasty with a nice heat... Juice of 8 limes (about 1 cup) 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, torn and bruised Simple syrup (1 cup sugar 1 cup water heated and stirred until sugar dissolves) 1 Habanero pepper, seeded with ribs removed, roughly...
  9. rasherb

    15a+15a = 30a?

    So can I build a single 30A heatstick (4500w) using two plugs going to two separate 15A breakers? Or I could do two 15A heatsticks, just trying to simplify...
  10. rasherb

    Let's Play: Will It Convert!

    Today's special guest: 18mo Old Marris Otter Any guesses? Will I get starch water or sugar water? Tune in tomorrow to find out....
  11. rasherb

    Keggle Drilling Help

    I'm totally doing something wrong here. I've been trying to drill a hole in my keg just like this . I've burned up two bits and bent two more and all I have is a dimple. I've been using the 1/8" cobalt bits from HD (the one's they recommend for SS). Any suggestions? Could I have...
  12. rasherb

    American Lager OMG! Classic American Pilsner is Awesome

    9lb Pilsner Malt (Bries) 3lb Flaked Corn 1lb Rice Hulls Mash @ 152 1 oz Hallertau @ 60 min 1 oz Motueka @ 30 min 1 oz Motueka @ flame out 1 oz Czech Saaz @ flame out I would suggest breaking in your lagering setup with this easy and tasty recipe. Recipe
  13. rasherb

    HLT + Heatstick

    I like the idea of a bucket heater placed in a cooler as a HLT: bucket-heater But there are accounts this is relatively low-power. Any thoughts on building a heatstick with a SS gaurd around the element like on the bucket heater?
  14. rasherb


    Making my first lager. A CAP. How To Brew has me lagering for 7 weeks. Do I really have to for 7 weeks? Can some of that time be racked to keg and carbed or does it have to stay uncarbed on the yeast in the carboy for all seven?
  15. rasherb

    Lager Yeast Question

    I have one tube of WL German Lager yeast. Anyway I can get up to a suitable pitching rate by Saturday using starters, or should I go find another tube? No stir plate. 1.058 OG.
  16. rasherb

    Dry hopping in keg....that was dumb what I just did.

    First time kegging. I decided to dry hop with an ounce of pellets so I just tossed 'em into the keg with the beer. Any ideas on how to salvage the beer without clogging all my valves/beer lines?
  17. rasherb

    Big Pot, Free Shipping!

    Comes to under $42 if you include the lid. 7 gauge aluminum. good review from a homebrewer. Here
  18. rasherb

    I put my wort on a yeast cake and I'm lovin it

    Racked an american amber from the bucket to secondary today and dumped a southern english brown ale right on top of the yeast cake in the bucket. Steady bubbles within an hour. Ripping good primary ferment going strong at two hours. Why didn't I start doing this sooner? :rockin::rockin:
  19. rasherb

    IBUs and Wort Cooling time

    I cool my wort in an ice bath in the sink. Takes a while for me to get down to 70-80. About an hour. I've been noticing my beers are more bitter than I bargain for using promash or other software. Could the long cooling time be increasing my IBUs? If so, if I move my 15 min additions to...
  20. rasherb

    Free on the web from Google: Beer book from 1889

    Enjoy! The Curiosities of Ale and Beer