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  1. jyda

    Counter too much lactic acid with baking soda

    Hi all, I have been dealing with a rather unpredictable (unstable?) pH meter lately as I work to refine my water adjustments. In my last batch I think I've added too much lactic acid as there's a slight, but noticeable, sourness on the tongue. In a fit of desperation I added a very small...
  2. jyda

    Brewer in training

    Thought I'd share a pic of my little brewer in training. Only 2.5 and already helping brew!
  3. jyda

    Misorder: belgian pils and acid malt

    So somehow I ordered way too much acid malt with some Belgian pilsner malt and am looking for help on how to use it. 11.5# Belgian Pilsner malt 2# Acid malt They are already milled and mixed together in what was supposed to be a triple grist. Thoughts?
  4. jyda

    Hot Break / CaCl2 additions

    Hello, In the May-June 2012 issue of BYO they have a comment in the Tripel recipe as such: This is the first time I have heard a recommendation like this, and I do not think I've ever saw a distinction in the hot break as above. Can someone help me understand what causes the...
  5. jyda

    Vienna / Summit SMaSH

    Doing a another Vienna SMaSH. Here's what I've got: Selected Style and BJCP Guidelines 10A-American Ale-American Pale Ale Minimum OG: 1.045 SG Maximum OG: 1.060 SG Minimum FG: 1.010 SG Maximum FG: 1.015 SG Minimum IBU: 30 IBU Maximum IBU: 45 IBU Minimum Color: 5.0 SRM...
  6. jyda

    Yet another "Plastic/Rubber taste" thread

    I'm trying to find the cause of a massive plastic/rubber taste (VERY much a 'new hose taste') in one of my brews. So overwhelming that it is undrinkable. To provide context, I did three 5 gallon batches in 3 weekends. For some reason SWMBO was ok with this! Anyway, the middle batch, the...
  7. jyda

    Vienna - Calypso Smash

    Brewing up a smash with Vienna and Calypso, let me know your thoughts: Batch Size: 5.5 gallons 12.5# Vienna .75 oz Calypso 12.3% AA @ 60 mins .75 oz Calypso 12.3% AA @ 10 mins .50 oz Calypso 12.3% AA @ 0 mins Mash: 1.5 qt/lb @ 160F Yeast: Wyeast American Ale 1056
  8. jyda

    Process/Beer Improvements

    I have found that there are things, processes, or knowledge that markedly improve my process or beer and was wondering if others could share what helped them make that improvement leap. Here are my top 3: Wort Chiller: made a huge impact on the ease/duration of my brew day Fermentation Temp...
  9. jyda

    Water Report and Tool Usage

    Hello, Forgive me for yet another water report thread. I just received mine and wanted to be sure I understood what I'm seeing and how to use the Palmer spreadsheet. Water Report: Alkalinity 23 Bicarbonate 24 Calcium 5.4 Chloride 5.6 Chlorine 1 Haloacetic Acids (ppb) 20 Hardness 21 Magnesium...
  10. jyda

    Identify that taste: kolsch-style

    Hello, I'm trying to find out what grain provides the after taste in some kolsch style ales. I know that's vague so let me give two examples of commercial versions that I'm trying to replicate and see if that helps. The first is from a smaller, lesser known Bay Area brewpub called Sonoma...
  11. jyda

    LME Spill and other horror stories

    7# of LME spilled in the bottom of the car yesterday. SWMBO is not impressed. Hopefully I can remedy the situation before she nixes brewing haha. Anyone have anything similar happen?
  12. jyda

    Recirculating Mash system with electric and gas

    Hello, I'm thinking of creating a recirculating mash system based off a bunch of different design here. What I was hoping to accomplish was the ability for 10G batches eventually. The problem with 10G batch is the 120V electric heaters for boiling water. Would it be possible to design one...
  13. jyda

    Hot/Cold spots in MLT

    Hey all, I've got a rectangle cooler converted to an MLT. When mashing I notice that there are places in the grain where the temperature varies ~ 3 to 4 degrees. When I see this, do I go by the cooler spot, hotter spot, or split the difference? Thanks, JD
  14. jyda

    Another First AG, but not so happy ending

    Hey all, Yesterday I brewed my first AG. I have a cooler converted MLT and with this I tried to make a 5 gallon batch of Kolsch as follows: 7# US 2-row malt 3# US Pilsen malt 1 oz US Saaz (5.8%) @ 60 .33 oz German Tettnang (4.7) @ 30 .5 oz German Tettnang (4.7) @ 15 .5 oz German...
  15. jyda

    Convert extract brew to partial mash?

    My first kit was an extract Irish Stout from my LHBS. I was blown away by it and it totally consumed me. It basically infected me, all my waking moments have been thinking about it and trying soooo hard not to open that last bottle that I'm trying to save for months to see how it conditions...
  16. jyda

    Partial Mash or Extract Kolsch Recipe

    Hi all, I've been wanting to make a Kolsch since I had one at a smaller brewhouse in the Bay Area and was hoping to find a Partial Mash or an Extract recipe. I've seen a few AG recipes through searching the forums but am at a loss as to how to convert these (I don't have BeerSmith as I'm a...
  17. jyda

    Plan to keg most but bottle some to share

    Hi all, Short time lurker, first time poster. I'm just finishing my first brew (an Irish stout) and am planning on kegging it. However, I would like to bottle some to be able to give them away as well as stash a few to see how they condition over months. The kit i bought from the LHBS...