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  1. sempf

    Dark Cider

    As part of a homeschool project, my son baked some corn bread thing with molasses in it. I enjoyed it with a pint of Edwort's Apfelwein, and it was an AWESOME combo. This latest batch of Aplfelwein I made, I put the rest of the molasses in the fermenter with the regular recipe, and I an just...
  2. sempf

    Drew my first ever draft of my own beer today

    After whatsitbeen ... 8 years of brewing? I finally kegged a batch of my Nice To Wheat You Ale last week. Two questions. The Keg Charger says "Never attach ball/pin valve to charger first!" So, I put the valve on the keg ... and all of the gas leaks out. I think "that's OK" because I am...
  3. sempf

    Exactly what kegging equipment do I need if I am naturally carbonating my beer?

    I am making a wheat beer for a conference in January, and I wanted to naturally carb it (add 3/4 cup of corn sugar and leave it for three weeks) in a keg. It just isn't clear to me what equipment I need and don't need. Clearly I need a keg. Ball lock. That's cool. Clearly I don't need a...
  4. sempf

    I have stopped adding priming sugar when I bottle

    Two batches in a row - an IPA and some Apfelwein - I forgot to put in the priming sugar. Just plain forgot. the IPA I didn't even move it to a bottling bucket. I just stuck the pump in and started bottling. :drunk: You know what? I liked how they turned out. Now, I'll admit I like...
  5. sempf

    Oaked pale ale still cloudy after 3 weeks in secondary

    I brewed a partial mash IPA with the usual stuff, and tossed 2 oz of vodka soaked french oak chips into the primary (usually use secondary). After two weeks of fermentation (air is on) it was really cloudy, so I moved it to secondary. Three weeks later, it is still just as cloudy...
  6. sempf

    Grozet and Red Currants and Beer oh my!

    I bought my parents' house last year, and they have a big, amazing Gooseberry bush. I thought I would brew a Grozet. I can't really find a recipe - do I just crush up a bunch of berries and add them to a wheat base boil? (I am an extract brewer.) Additionally, we have a red currant bush...
  7. sempf

    Brewing 'leftover beer'

    After a recent binge of brewing, I have a fine selection of leftover hops, extract and steeping grains in my collection. I have been going with Revvy s comment once that the base extract and yeast matter less than the steeping grains and hop selection, and so most of my recipes have been based...
  8. sempf

    Help me design my Brewery

    So I bought my father's house, which is 3700 square foot ranch on 5 acres - amazing beautiful place off of the Darby Creek. We have been working on it for a while (only 15 years old) and it is getting right comfy. So, for Christmas, SWMBO cleaned out one of the two large storage areas for...
  9. sempf

    Apparently, a little balsamic vinegar helps the Budweiser go down.

    From this article: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/life/don-t-fall-for-these-sneaky-marketing-tricks-while-you-re-shopping-544635/ "A group of MIT students tasted two different beers, and then choose to get a free pint of one of the brews. Brew A was Budweiser. Brew B was Budweiser, plus 2...
  10. sempf

    Oaked IPA looks like it caught something

    So I took the IPA recipe from that homebrew recipe book that AHA sent out with new memberships, and oaked it. OG was 1.060. 1 week in primary with the oak. 2 weeks in secondary (it's down to 1.010) and now there is a light white ring around the inside of the Better Bottle and little piles of...
  11. sempf

    Keeping Yeast

    So the owner of my LHBS (Roger Gentile - great guy) ordered me three vials of White Labs pitchable Sake yeast, and I bought all three of them, in case I needed them. Well, I didn't and now I have two vials that are set to 'expire' on the 26th of next month. I know that yeast is tougher than...
  12. sempf

    Those Germans can drink

    Epic Rube Goldberg machine with beer (and Bombay Sapphire) bottles. Warsteiner, I think. Anyway. YouTube - Caféen? Domino Enjoy. S
  13. sempf

    Good Night In Mexico at 1.020 FG?

    So I am brewing Charlie's Good Night in Mexico recipe, which is a Negra Modelo clone. OG was 1.038 which is a little low and after fermenting with VERY little bubbling for a week, the FG has been pretty consistent at 1.020 for three days. What would YOU do? I was going to rack it and lager it...
  14. sempf

    Want to start making some neat beer. Suggestions?

    So I have brewed probably 40 batches of wheat, IPA, and stout. Got those down. I was going to go to all grain next, but instead I think I want to learn some neat recipies. Now, I am one of those who goes to a coffee shop and orders coffee. No, no cream thanks. Flavor? Mmmm, coffee...
  15. sempf

    The theory behind lagering

    So, in a drunken haze, I brewed a half-remembered partial-mash recipe from a magazine in my LHBS that uses a lager yeast, since I now have a fridge. (Yay!) I don't remember the exact recipe but it was simple - 7 lbs of ultralight malt, 1 lb of crystal 15, yada yada. Anyway, for some reason...