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  1. Beau815

    Homebrew Equipment, keggle etc UPSTATE NY

  2. Beau815

    Star San bubbles ok?

    I know that this is in the threads somewhere and nothing i like more than researching but i had lasik eye surgery yesterday and not supposed to be looking at tv computer or texting so figured id bottle. but need to ask... i always used idophor and am using star san for the 1st time. i did 1...
  3. Beau815

    Who sells Wine bottles that take crown caps?

    I looked all over the net and i cant find these. I am looking for wine bottles that you dont have to cork. for example like Dogfish Head uses with all their good bigger sized beers. I bought a few miles davis's and saved them but I want to buy a couple dozen of them. Does anyone know who...
  4. Beau815

    Bourbon oak chip aging help

    So what do you think? This is my first time adding espresso or oak chips. I brewed a 5 gallon batch of yeti clone from AHS. I got experimental and added 3 shots of espresso at 5 min to flameout (because yeti does have an espresso oak aged yeti). Smells and tastes amazing! I hit the 1.090...
  5. Beau815

    When to add espresso?

    Im doing an espresso oak aged yeti. I bought the Yeti kit from AHS and bought american oak chips with it, i also want to add a hint of espresso. Do i just throw a few shots of espresso in? I wouldnt toss grains or cracked beans into the boil kettle im sure, right? Maybe in the mash? Im...
  6. Beau815

    AHS Oak Aged Yeti kit any good?

    OK so their all grain kit is not "oak aged" but i ordered the oak chips with it.... has anyone tried their yeti kit? Its on its way.
  7. Beau815

    Best Brew to AGE!

    I am thinking of brewing up something like a 10% RIS or a strong ale. Not really a barley wine guy... im thinking imp stout, who has any tips or recipes on what they had good experience with? Any style... I want to put a good year on it in the bottle. Thanks in advance!
  8. Beau815

    WLP001 California Ale Yeast Dead?

    I had this shipped to NY from CA and it was in my fridge for about 20 days until I was able to brew today. Last night i was like oh shoot i have to make a starter! No DME so had to mash a half gallon with about 2 cups of pale malt (granted I never did this before so i may have not done that...
  9. Beau815

    Beer Swaps?

    Is there a place where I can swap a beer for a beer? I am in upstate NY and never had Pliny the elder. I can try to get something that you are looking for or trade a couple West Coast Old Stock Ales from 2007 ive been aging. Its number one for Old Ales on beer advocate. Any ideas?
  10. Beau815

    Beer Swaps?

    Is there a place where I can swap a beer for a beer? I am in upstate NY and never had Pliny the elder. I can try to get something that you are looking for or trade a couple West Coast Old Stock Ales from 2007 ive been aging. Its number one for Old Ales on beer advocate. Any ideas?
  11. Beau815

    Yeast delivered sat in sun!

    I just got home at 6pm who knows how long my $80 batch from northern brewer was sitting in the sun the box was very warm. I had WLP001 liquid white labs california ale yeast in there. Its now in my fridge. Think it will be ok? The cardboard box was warm and in about 80 degree weather for who...
  12. Beau815

    Gallon increment stickers for keggle

    Anyone know where I can get heat resistant stickers for the sight glass? I KNOW i saw them somewhere where they said i can get them in white or black... that was a week ago. I dont know where tho.
  13. Beau815

    Valves, keggle, drilling, question

    I have the bit from bargain fittings. I have one hole done and the battery drill quit on the second hole about 3/4ths done. I sanded the first hole and can get the bulkhead thru BARELY, it gets thicker in the middle and gets stuck... i sanded the hole with 80 grit but dont know it it...
  14. Beau815

    Drilling a Keg for fittings help

    I got my valve and sight glass/thermometer from bargainfittings.com it says i need a 13/16 inch step bit or hole saw. First question which is easier? hole saw seems harder, secondly is this the right size i see 3/4 inch other places... not sure. Dont want to ruin my keg i spend hours cleaning...
  15. Beau815

    Off Taste

    I have had an off taste that ive been calling extract twang.... ive since done AG batches but i have a question... i used idophor to sanitize. I still smelled that chlorine chemical smell once the bottles dried so i rinsed with tap water. i just read this can spoil your batch. Is this a...
  16. Beau815

    Can you hand polish a keg?

    I dont have an electric grinder or even a power tool. I dont want to buy one just to shine a keg to a mirror finish. Dont have $ to spend on power tools, have an apt so no need really. I dont mind spending 5 hours doing it by hand. Is it possible?
  17. Beau815

    Keg to Keggle fittings?

    I have obtained a legal 15.5 gal keg. I am looking for the fittings needed just for the ball valve for now, i want a thermometer but I think they require welding? Im going to do a weldless ball valve, i did research and see the rubber 0 rings.... dont these melt? Its not for a mash tun it a...
  18. Beau815

    Sparging and efficiency

    Ive done 3-4 AG batches and my efficiency is never good, i calculated correctly, i believe, and got about 56% Now my question is, which i have not found in all my reading. How long is a sparge supposed to take? I heard just open up and let it drain fast. I used to drain, refill and sit 15...
  19. Beau815

    What stout or fall beer to brew?

    Have about 20 min before I leave to my lhbs. I wanted to make a pumpkin ale, too late, never brewed any stouts so thinking I may wanna do like a RIS or some kind of strong stout. Can anyone send me a tried and true dark all grain recipe? Stout or any other winter-like beer. Need asap THANK YOU!
  20. Beau815

    Upstate NY, Utica Zoo Brewfest Tonight

    For $25 you got 30 microbreweries, and food from restaurants from around Utica. SO CHEAP compared to Syracuse brewfests that dont include food. Its TODAY August 1st, 2009 from 6-9pm This is going to be great... great weather today and my favorite breweries will be there, Dogfish, Stone, Southern...