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  1. MVKTR2

    M31 Tripel Mangrove Jack yeast reviewI know th

    I know there are several threads related to this yeast but couldn't find one that's a straightforward review so I thought I'd fill the void. 1st pitch/first pitch was 1 dry pack into 5.5 gallons of 1.039 original gravity wort. 1st mini-mash I'd done in almost a decade, enjoyably easy! 20%...
  2. MVKTR2

    Making beer with 15 year old extract

    Of course I'm not that crazy but while climbing down the rabbit hole at YouTube I ran across someone who was. It's worth watching to hear the first line utters upon tasting it then he tries talking himself into liking it! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g09b17V4NWQ Did I mention he used...
  3. MVKTR2

    Questions about building HLT

    I've had a cobbled together cooler-propane based brew house for the better part of a decade and 100 batches. It has worked very well for me but I'm finally ready to upgrade. I'm keeping my cooler mash tun. I want to convert a keg I have on hand into an electric HLT. I brew 5 gal batches mostly...
  4. MVKTR2

    Fermenting Edinburgh yeast at 58

    I have been using this yeast for years and love it. I have fermented it in the low 60s many times, especially at 62 or 63 Fahrenheit. With the recent cold front my pantry has been a good bit colder and my swamp cooler fermentation set up ran cooler than expected. I am fermenting a 1.084 OG...
  5. MVKTR2

    Lurking Celebrities on HBT???

    I started to post this to the random drunken thoughts thread but I'm not drunk I'm fukn crazy! Think about it, it's got to happen here and in other online communities. You gotta believe Adam Sandler or Kevin James or one of the many Kardashians even the transsexual is a hug homebrewing fan...
  6. MVKTR2

    Pete's Wicked Ale

    As someone who never had the beer this may be an odd post. I just thought of this beer earlier today and googled it. I listened to a recent BN podcast with Pete Slosberg as guest. He didn't talk much, they didn't really discuss his brewing experiences much, I think they literally talked...
  7. MVKTR2

    Is this beer stone?

    This is a beer line on a keg I had on tap almost 9 months, a lager brewed Baltic porter. Is it beer stone? I'm about to cut it off and discard that half inch. It's on the tap end also. ☹️️ Nothing a knife and screw driver plus line cleaner can't fix!
  8. MVKTR2

    Dark Mild Badranath's Snake Drive Mild

    This is the brew I've made for an upcoming Basic Brewing Radio episode. I needed something, forgive the pun, mild to allow fermentation character to shine through for what I did on the experimental side. To be clear this is the recipe for the control or regular beer. It turned out quite well...
  9. MVKTR2

    Dang wasp fell in my cooled wort.

    Just finished ... or so I thought, my brew day. Have 2 fermenters sanitized and ready, went out to retrieve my cooled wort. Shut off the water to the chiller and boom there is a wasp swimming around in my wort. Just lit the burner, gonna get it up over 195 then chill it again. Guess I'll...
  10. MVKTR2

    Idiotic/useless BJCP competition feedback

    I'm not a huge competitor in beer comps but when I do send beer in it is because I want useful feedback. I sent 5 beers to a recent contest. My package was misplaced in the storage refrigerator and 2 of my beers missed being judged in their flights before the package was found. Once found...
  11. MVKTR2

    Diacetyl rest short vs long

    My 2nd Lager, a Baltic Porter, is in the fermenter. It is a 2nd pitching of 820 and even in it's 2nd generation that is one ssluuuuuuuuuuuuugish yeast. Anyway to my question ... should the temp be raised toward the end of fermentation till fermentation is complete or it okay to cool the...
  12. MVKTR2

    quick water question - brewers friend calculator?

    On the Brewer's Friend water calculator at the beginning for the water volume you have a few options, chiefly total water, mash & sparge quantities are to be entered. I get the sparge & mash are what they are. However, does the calculator below calculate based off of my 5 gallons total mash...
  13. MVKTR2

    First lager - yeast performance question

    I've got a Munich Dunkel fermenting right now. Fermentation is slow and steady with wlp820 (known to be finicky but mine is moving right along). Temp varies due to swamp cooler method but staying in the 50s. Yeast pitched monday. Active fermentation began Wednesday. It is now Friday...
  14. MVKTR2

    Low/Moderate alpha hop options?

    Hop loving brewers, what are your favorite low/moderate aau hops for american apa & ipa? With the increased variety of high alpha hops it has actually effected how I brew APA/IPAs and has made it harder to get a balance between subtler bitterness and hop flavor in more balanced brews (when...
  15. MVKTR2

    Homebrewing Achievements

    I've got my first lager, Munich Dunkel, in the fermenter after about 80 batches and almost a decade. When I first started brewing on New Years Eve 2007 I had little desire to make or drink lagers. Will follow this up with a Helles then either a Baltic Porter or Rauchbier. Other...
  16. MVKTR2

    OMG I got the DEAL OF THE CENTURY!!!

    We've all seen the, 'oh look what I stumbled across for next to nothing' posts. It's always someone else ... till today. A craft beer bottle shop in Hattiesburg MS, The Brew Kettle, started carrying homebrew supplies the week before Christmas. I live almost an hour away but go to Hattiesburg...
  17. MVKTR2

    CoolBrew Cold-Brewed Coffee Concentrate

    Curious if anyone has used this stuff in a brew? http://www.coolbrew.com/flavors/ It's a New Orleans company and product generally not available too far from the source so it's a very regional question. I love the stuff in various flavors. I've got an imperial brown ale on tap and dosed it...
  18. MVKTR2

    Blonde Ale Perfect 10 Blonde

    Not sure we need another blonde ale recipe but I wanted to add this one as I've brewed several blondes now and have finally stumbled upon a very good approach. Recipe based on 81% efficiency. Yeast is washed yeast slurry, fresh, only 2 weeks old. Grains: 6.75 lb Rahr 2-Row .75 lb...
  19. MVKTR2

    S-04 or Nottingham yeast for a Dry Irish Stout

    I'm brewing a simple Dry Irish Stout and have these 2 dry yeast on hand. Opinions on which might make the better DIS? For the record I've done several dozen batches with Notty, my favorite yeast, and know at least a little about how to manipulate it to get some of the qualities I want out of...
  20. MVKTR2

    Please check my first venture into building water

    Could someone run this to check my numbers. 5.5 gal batch 4 gallon mash water 4 gallon sparge water 10.5 # 2 Row - US 1.25 # Amber Malt -UK 9 oz Special Roast - US 9 oz Pale Choc - UK 6 oz Crystal 40 - US 2 oz Midnight Wheat - US .5 oz Acidulated Malt - DE I'm starting with RO...