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  1. torpshootr

    WOO HOO!! My first AG.

    I've been planning this day since last Christmas. It was awesome. :rockin: Been doing full boil extract brews for a number of years using a Sabco keggle. SWMBO got me a MiniBrew MLT for Christmas. I added the MiniBrew HLT, a March pump, and built a stand for the whole shebang. Also bought a...
  2. torpshootr

    How to ground a water heater element

    I am somwhat hesitant to ask this question because I am pretty sure that I saw a long thread on this topic before, but I can't find it. Here goes anyway... For those of you who have installed a water heater element in a plastic cooler, did you ground it? and if so, how? The heater I plan to...
  3. torpshootr

    Idea for a RIMS Heater

    I am building a home brewery and am considering the addition of a RIMS heater. My preference is to use RIMS vice HERMS. Based on my reading, it seems that the most prevalent argument against the use of RIMS is the possibility of scorching the wort since most RIMS heaters use a water heater...