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  1. hopdog

    Damn Digging Dog

    +1... exercise the f*** out of them!
  2. hopdog

    everyone have a drink for my POOCH tonight

    I'll definitely hoist one for your pup. Grieve freely.
  3. hopdog

    Wine from Jerusalem Artichokes?

    Let us know how the wine turns out. I have millions of those things.
  4. hopdog

    Beer in the shower

    I discovered the Shower Beer many years ago and have been a big fan ever since. It is a great way to start the day.:p
  5. hopdog

    Quit calling it a "hefe"

    Do you ever sleep?
  6. hopdog

    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    Yesterday Maine passed a law prohibiting smoking from public places like beaches etc. Our restaurants have been smoke free for a long time and it is great. There was a diner whose clientele all smoked, drank coffee, lingered. The owners railed against the ban. Once it went into effect they...
  7. hopdog


    Talk to him. See where he stands. Then GO! I quit my job and moved to a remote island with my (then) girlfriend. It was supposed to be for a couple of years and turned out to be the better part of a decade. We had experiences and made friends that will last for the rest of our lives. This...
  8. hopdog

    Insulation & Soffit vents

    You are right, soffit and ridge vents are the best. I also neglectetd to look at what part of the country he was living. Here in Maine you can get away with gable vents. As far as the spray foam goes I was referring to putting it on the ceiling, not the roof itself. Any moisture in the attic...
  9. hopdog

    Insulation & Soffit vents

    I think your gable vents would be sufficient. How is the insulation in your walls? What style home is it? If you can afford it I would recommend getting polyurethane spray foam insulation. It has a very high R-value, provides a complete seal, and is prevents any moisture migration.
  10. hopdog

    Bar build

    Looks nice. Is that in your basement?
  11. hopdog

    Beer pr0n

    My God Man! It looks like that steak is going to gallop off the plate.
  12. hopdog

    Katy Perry is damn sexy

    Very Nice! I've always had an affinity for dark haired women.
  13. hopdog

    What Are You?

    German, as far as I know.:mug:
  14. hopdog

    John Madden Retires

    Aw man, I love Madden. I tend not to listen too much to what the talking heads say but Madden's voice is just a part of football to me.
  15. hopdog

    Oregon to raise beer tax 1900%

    That is all you have to say with such a debate bourgeoning? :D
  16. hopdog

    I'm trying to find a beer for an extreme hop head! ME!

    Try one like Victory Brewing Hop Devil. Better yet... make your own!
  17. hopdog

    Suppose I should tell you guys...

    Blaat! You guys have managed to turn me off to roasted fowl and the female anatomy simultaneously! Congratulations to you and your family!
  18. hopdog

    Homebrewing Music

    "A Prairie Home Companion" or the Red Sox... I do most of my brewing on Sundays.
  19. hopdog

    Advice concerning my new baby...

    If the efficiency is important to you you could plug a kilowatt meter into it and find out exactly what it is drawing.
  20. hopdog

    What is you life dream?

    I want to be a sportswriter in CT. Trade?:D