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  1. Gab1788

    Long water storage whith starsan

    I have unlimited access to 20lt cubes. I was wondering if rinsing then with star San prior to filling with water to store long term would be viable? The containers are all food grade just wondering if from a survivalist viewpoint if this would work.
  2. Gab1788

    Too many beers trying to get onto new keg

    I just smashed through the last six or seven beers on my wheat that was left in the keg to be able to tap my pale. Now I'm feeling a bit drunk. Still have to make a roast eye fillet with red wine sauce, sweet pot mash and beens with a few mushrooms Spanish onion, thyme and garlic to finish...
  3. Gab1788

    Euacalyptus leaves in beer

    WHen ever I start my boil I inevitably have eucalyptus (gum trees) leave on the bottom of my BK. The combination of the leaves burning and the malt is incredible. I get a great mix of the eucalyptus and the steam from the boiling wort and it seems like it would taste great in the beer. Anyone...
  4. Gab1788

    First 10 Gallon batch

    Hi all, I'll be doing my first double batch tomorrow as I just got my four ring 75,000 BTU burner. I have a 70lt BK and only a 26lt HLT and my mash cooler tun is apx 40lt. My question is this, can I mash with 10 kg of base ( not sure on specialties yet but won't be heaps) with 26 lt of...
  5. Gab1788

    1st phase single tier ghetto stage

    Ok just for laughs I'll show everyone the beginnings of my single tier, obviously I still need to make a brew stand but also need to brew. So I'll be using this for the next couple of weeks. Over the last four or so weeks I have gotten a mill, plate chiller and march pump. It's been a bit of a...
  6. Gab1788

    5 generations, why?

    I've been washing and re-using yeast for a while now. I only go to four generations before I get some new yeast. I know people say that after five generations you can start to get off flavors. But my question is, if we as homebrewers can only go five gens, then where do wyeast and white labs get...
  7. Gab1788

    Quickest brew day

    Ok, so who has the quickest brew day under their belts. I've done four ag batches now I I can't get it under four hours. From go to woe including cooling and then pitching but not final clean up ( washing boil pot, IC and thermometers etc) I can't get it below four hours. Obviously the mash and...
  8. Gab1788

    Ok, so i was abit drunk

    Well, tonight I did my first all grain. It all started well, 4 kg pale, 1 kg crystal and 500g Carapils. I mashed all those at 67c for an hour in my converted cooler mash tun. Then sparged with 13lt of 83c water into my brew pot. Got the pot up to the boil then started my hop additions. 10 g of...
  9. Gab1788

    WLP830 for OS Coopers Lager

    I'm a relatively new brewer (9 months) I've done 40 plus extract batches. Most of them have been OS coopers and I like them. Now that it's cold here I've been doing coop lagers using their yeast, which at the beginning I thought would be suited to the cold ( 10-15c). As it turns out they just...