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  1. Newsman

    Cyser question

    So I have made a cyser before. Its been over a year and still in the primary. LOL. I'm scared to pull it out and taste it as temp was not managed. I decided to try again. I have 4 gallons of apple juice (Costco brand) and about 15# of honey. From my reading here (it's been awhile since I brewed...
  2. Newsman

    Commercial Kegerator - build it for less?

    Saw this at my local Costco for $1200. I figure we can come up with something better for less. Let's see a list of parts and cost. ☺️
  3. Newsman

    Lacto-fermented cyser

    So, I didn't intend to do this, but apparently I infected my melomel when I was cold crashing it. Is there any way to stop the lacto/pedio from getting any worse? It isn't too bad now, just slightly sour, but I wouldn't want it to get any worse!
  4. Newsman

    Is my fermentation chamber still good to use?

    So, I haven't been doing too good in keeping my fermentation chamber clean and free of mold, etc. It appears to have infected my last brew, a melomel/cyser. I just tasted it after leaving it in the fermentation chamber (small chest freezer) set to about 35*. It was sour. Tasted a bit like a...
  5. Newsman

    Looking for Brachetto grape juice

    I've looked on the interwebs and can't seem to find anyone selling Brachetto grape juice. I would like to try my hand at making a Brachetto wine, similar to Stella Rosa Stella Rose. I'm sure it's not that easy, but I'd like to try. :) Anyone got a suggestion on where to look?
  6. Newsman

    Brewing news

    Thought this appropriate for this forum...hope you guys think so as well... http://www.sfgate.com/food/article/San-Francisco-s-Anchor-Brewing-acquired-by-11729608.php?ipid=articlerecirc
  7. Newsman

    Guess the Pet Name

    OK. This is something I saw on Facebook and figured I'd give it a shot here... :) Using Google Images, search your pet's name and post the first pic that comes up and we'll try to guess your pet's name. First one to correctly guess the name gets to go next. I'll start us off -- hopefully it's...
  8. Newsman

    Braggot tastes like ASS!!!!

    Hey, all... I tried to make a cysee with 5 gallons of apple juice and about 3# of honey. I fermented it at 60* and used yeast energizer/nutrient about every other day for about two weeks before I ran out of nutrient/energizer. After about a month I brought the temp up to about 70* for a couple...
  9. Newsman

    Bronze Age Braggott

    I was browsing the internet and came across this story: http://www.realmofhistory.com/2016/10/28/recreate-iron-age-drink-germanic-tomb/ I saw that Lakefront Brewery had helped recreate it, but never saw anything about the proportions. Anyone have any ideas? The basic ingredients are barley...
  10. Newsman

    Viking Blod

    From Dansk Mjod -- a delicious hopped/spiced mead. They state on their website that they used hibiscus, hops and spices. Dear GOD this is good stuff! It's 20% ABV. I found a bottle in Atlanta for $30 for 750ml. VERY much worth it, but I can't splurge like that very often. I just emailed them...
  11. Newsman

    Help -- Oversweetened

    I recently made a batch of cider that turned out to be like 8 gallons or so when all said and done (back sweetened & flavored.) I split it into two kegs & I put the keg with 2-3 gallons in my kegerator and tried it. Not sweet enough, so I added a can of white grape juice concentrate and a couple...
  12. Newsman

    How much K-Meta/Sorbate?

    I just racked a batch of cider into the secondary to assist with clearing and to stabilize prior to back-sweetening. I have some K-Meta and potassium sorbate on order, should be here by Wednesday. My question is for approximately 5+ gallons (between 5 & 6) how much of each should I add to...
  13. Newsman

    How much K-Meta/Sorbate?

  14. Newsman

    Ancient chinese brewed beer

    Story on Live Science website -- researchers tested some 5000 year old pottery and found traces of beerstone as well as barley and other plant material... http://www.livescience.com/54834-ancient-chinese-beer-recipe-reconstructed.html One interesting fact that just barely got touched on is...
  15. Newsman

    Tennessee 4 kegs for sale

    I have three ball lock kegs and one pin lock that I am looking to get rid of. I don't need 8 kegs and would prefer to keep my new kegs. :) Looking for $60 per ball lock and $50 for the pin lock, $200 for all 4 kegs or $175 for the three ball locks. Prefer to meet in person. I'm located in...
  16. Newsman

    Georgia 4 kegs for sale

    I have three ball lock kegs and one pin lock that I am looking to get rid of. I don't need 8 kegs and would prefer to keep my new kegs. :) Looking for $60 per ball lock and $50 for the pin lock, $200 for all 4 kegs or $175 for the three ball locks. Prefer to meet in person. I'm located in...
  17. Newsman

    Headed to Daytona Beach

    I'm headed for a long weekend at Daytona Beach. What's the best place to get GOOD local beer? I mainly prefer darker beers, but a good Berlinerweisse or a well-balanced IPA are OK too (don't like overly bitter beer...)
  18. Newsman

    Help me estimate OG & final ABV

    So I'm step-feeding my cider mainly to see how much alcohol I can create and still taste good. :) I put in 4# of sugar, 1 can of frozen concentrated fruit punch, 1 can of apple juice and 5 gallons of apple juice to begin with. Then after about a week, I added another 4# of sugar, and two cans...
  19. Newsman

    Learn from my mistakes!

    OK, first off, I knew better I just didn't stop to think about it... :) I decided to "step-feed" my cider another 4# of sugar (table sugar) to boost the ABV, so I opened up my plastic BMB and dumped a tablespoon or so of yeast nutrient in there. I saw the foaming caused by the nucleation...
  20. Newsman

    Using mulling spices in hard cider

    I know there's been a billion threads on this, but there are a couple questions that I don't see a consensus on -- when and how to use them. i.e. is it best to use them whole or make a tincture. When is the best time to add spice, before fermentation or after? I think it seems like most folks...