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  1. billc68

    Can I rebottle Mead or Wine?

    I made some JAOM a while back and got some sediment in my bottles, I want to give some away for Xmas, can I re-bottle it without risking oxidation? I have access to CO2 and could put some in the bottles first.
  2. billc68

    When to dig up hops for transplanting.

    I heard rumours that there are wild hops growing around here, and low and behold I checked out a tip yesterday and found some growing in a ditch. I am assuming these are something that naturalized themselves from old farms etc. from British colonial times. Anyway, I want to dig some up and...
  3. billc68

    So what did I create?

    Well, I thought I was done with canned kits, but I had a Cooper's European Lager kicking around. So what did I do? I bought another kit and decided to use both cans but no added sugars or malts. I brewed it with 3 packages of the Lager yeast that came with the kit... why did I have an extra...
  4. billc68

    18lbs of honey = pretty sweet. What next?

    So I made my first mead, my plan originally was for a slightly sweet mead, back sweetened with raspberries. So I started with 18lbs of honey for a 6 gallon batch using Lalvin 71B-1122, OG was 1.100. I did have some temperature issues by the second week with temps reaching the low 80s. but...
  5. billc68

    Rick's Apflewein

    Ok, with the popularity of Edwort's Apflewein, I tried a variation, I am not satisfied with it but it is drinkable. Anyway, I have a new idea on a variation of Apflewein. I am going to make a 3 gallon batch. Apple juice was on sale today so i picked up 13 liters (nice to have extra) But I was...
  6. billc68

    Curious... Who here hunts, fishes, gardens, preserving, gathers etc?

    I would assume many homebrewers are also into providing other food themselves, such as wild game, fresh garden fruits and vergetables and possibly even wild plants. My grandfather liked to brew (and distill back in the day) and he had huge gardens and loved to fish and hunt etc. My father did...
  7. billc68

    What kind of apples to use?

    I just got my hands on a juice press and was thinking I should try a wild apple cider this fall. My original idea was to just hunt around some old abandoned apple orchards or hedgerows and look for palatable apples and juice them. However, I am learning that "cider apples" do not necessarily...
  8. billc68

    Temps for mead and wine??? 80's too high?

    So I started a mead about a week and a half ago, it was brewing aloing nicely in my kitchen at a bout 70-74F ( I should have put it in the basement) the last two days however, going by the stick on thermometer it has hit 82-84F for a few hours. I know with beer that can be a nightmare, what is...
  9. billc68

    Brewing a lager and an ale at the same time? in the same fridge???

    I have two brews waiting to be brewed here... I have an Irish Red recipe using Wyeast Irish Ale yeast 1084 and a kit, a Festa Brew (23L or wort, nothing to add but yeast) using a Wyeast California Lager 2112. I am thinking I can brew these at the same time. Now I have learned that brewing...
  10. billc68

    Happy Independence Day All!!!

    I had a great Canada Day last Thursday, friends family, BBQ, seafood and Homebrew! Wish Y'all the same today.
  11. billc68

    Anyone Ever Try Brewing in a Pumpkin?

    I was chatting about homebrewing with a guy last night, he said years ago he made "Pumpkin Rum". Basically added brownsugar, Molasses and water to a gutted pumpkin, tossed in some strong yeast and let it brew. He said the yeast ate all the fruit in the pumpkin to the point you could see through...
  12. billc68

    Reccomend a thermostat, please

    K, I have one chest freezer as my keggerator using a Johnson Controls Thermostat. Not sure the model, but it is the one that has a 4 degree variance. I do have another chest freezer that I want to use for fermentation until I can get an upright freezer. Some say that a 4 degree variance is not...
  13. billc68

    What the heck is stuck inside my carboy?

    OK, this weekend I picked up some used carboys, so I figured I should give the a good soaking. I have them soaking in a bleach/water solution. This evening after about 30 hours of soaking, I decided to use one of my 3 gallon carboys. I dumped the bleach solution and rinsed but it has a film...
  14. billc68

    Anyone made a spruce beer? How does this recipe look?

    Ok, so I started with a thread called "what can I make?" I had some ingredients kicking around and a hankering to ferment something experimental. I got no replies so I I just winged it. I originally had planned to make 1 gallon but when my OG was 1.090 I decided to water it down, I had no idea...
  15. billc68

    What can I make?

    I am a little low on funds right now but itching to ferment something in a 1 Gallon fermenter. Gimme some ideas. I have a few fermentables on hand and wondering if anyone has any recipes that I am equipped for... What do I have? Well... Beer related: 2 lbs of DME 1/2 pound of flaked barley...
  16. billc68

    Anyone make their own malts?

    Does anyone malt their own barley? or better yet, grow their own grain and then malt it? I have been thinking about this, just for fun.
  17. billc68

    Let's talk off flavors: Astringent, Buttery, Estery... etc

    Ok, looking for both a good description of what these off flavors taste like and what causes them and what to do to correct them, now or in the future. Some are obvious, wet cardboard, butter, I can picture those flavors. Estery has been described as fruity, and I think anyone who has...
  18. billc68

    Apflewein mistake, can I fix it?

    So I decided to try Ed Wort's Apflewein but I decided to add a wee bit of cinnamon and butmeg for some apple pie flavour. No prblem but I thought boiling 4-6 liters out of a 23 liter batch would help infuse some flavour. I have sinced learne dthat boiling makes it cloudy. What causes the...
  19. billc68

    I Want to Brew a Guinness Clone.... Suggestions?

    Ok, I should start by saying, I am not anywhere near ready to invest in a nitrogen system, but would like to get as close as possible to a Guinness DRAUGHT clone as possible. I would prefer an extract recipe as I am not yet ready to go all grain either, hopefully this fall I will. So any...
  20. billc68

    A Question About Fruit Wines From Scratch

    I have been looking at a few recipes for fruit wines, specifically plums and all of them include water and sugar in the recipe. Is there any reason why if I get a high enough specific gravity, I could use pure juice and yeast, and nothing else? I am hoping to juice out enough plums this fall to...