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  1. Dixon9717

    Moving to a small town

    We are moving from a town of 164,000 people to 6,000 people. I'm a little concerned that now I'll have to learn water chemistry since I'll be using well water and my old water was great "as is" for brewing. Another thing is not a single microbrewery in the new location. Going to be a big...
  2. Dixon9717

    Motor Breath booze cruise

    Anyone else in Portland going on the 105.9 The Brew booze cruise with Motor Breath? http://www.halfoffdeals.com/h/2239377/
  3. Dixon9717

    New recipe what do you think?

    Came up with a new recipe that I brewed Wednesday. Looking for input as some of the hop schedule is new to me. 5.5 gallon 10lb 2row .5 lb honey malt .5 lb C10 .5 lb C60 Mashed at 148 for 75min 1.5 Q/lb Batch sparged. 4.3 g. 1oz cascade 60min 1oz Mt Hood 15 min 1oz Crystal 5 min...
  4. Dixon9717

    Another yeast experiment.

    I brewed a Blue Moon clone and split the batch in 1/2 using US-04 and Pacman in each half. 11gallons 10lb 2row 10lb white wheat 2 lb flaked oats 1 lb C-10 1 lb carapils .5 lb rice hulls 2 oz hallertau 60 2oz hallertau 10 1.5 oz dried orange peel 5 .25 oz coriander 5 Mashed at 152*...
  5. Dixon9717

    Taprite regulator.

    Yesterday I noticed the bonnet on my regulator was feeling tight then it locked up and wouldn't adjust the pressure. After a few attempts the bonnet stripped so I disassembled the regulator to find out the adjustment bolt inside the bonnet needed lubrication. A little squirt of silicon spray...
  6. Dixon9717

    Grain mill

    I need a new mill and found this. Anyone familiar with it? Pros and cons? Seems like almost to good a price for a 3 roller mill. http://www.beveragefactory.com/homebrew/pre-fermentation-equipment/kegco-KM11GM-3R-grain-mill.html
  7. Dixon9717

    Etching stainless steel.

    Got bored this morning so I etched my brew kettle. Already have volume marks on inside so decided to play on the outside. I need more practice to perfect it but it's fun to play with.
  8. Dixon9717

    Used the wrong hops for dry hop

    Here's the recipe 5.5 gallons 6lb white wheat 5lb Maris otter 8oz rice hulls 1lb flaked wheat 8oz carapils 8oz honey malt 8oz Munich 10 Hops 1oz cascade 60 1oz Mandarina 15 1oz mandarina 5 1oz orange peel 15 Pacman yeast @ 68* Mashed at 152* 60 minutes OG 1.060 FG 1.015 IBU 28.3 Was going...
  9. Dixon9717

    Pacman yeast

    I recently brewed a APA and a wheat beer. Used harvested Pacman for both. The APA fermented slowly with about 2" Krausen for about 5 days before dropping. The wheat was explosive. A volcano out of the carboy. Shot the airlock about 4' away. At least 4" of krausen. Can't figure out how the same...
  10. Dixon9717

    My hops inventory

    For a long time I've been using basically cascade, mandarina and centennial as my base hops. Wanting to get out of my comfort zone after several beers I randomly ordered a bunch of hops that mostly I've never used before. I generally brew simple beer like APA, Amber ales, wheat, mostly lite...
  11. Dixon9717

    Hydraulic lift table

    Got this hydraulic lift table from harbor freight. Lowered to drain mash tun by gravity then raised to drain BK into fermenters. No pumps needed. Can lift to appropriate height to syphon to kegs.
  12. Dixon9717

    Faucet vs picnic tap

    Finally got a chance to use the faucet with the QD at a party yesterday. Works really good at 2-4lbs serving pressure. So glad I went with the faucet then the picnic tap The Keg of Mac & Jack clones got finished off in about 4 hours by a bunch of guys who say "I don't do craft beer"
  13. Dixon9717

    Gelatin vs cold crash

    I've always just cold crashed and never used gelatin because I've heard gelatin strips some flavors from the beer. What's your opinion on this? Has anyone experienced ill effects of using gelatin?
  14. Dixon9717

    First shot at IPA

    I'm not an IPA fan but figured I'd give it a try. 14lb 2 row 8oz Dextrine 8oz c60 4oz c80 1oz challenger 60min 1oz challenger 30min 1oz cascade 10min 1oz challenger 10min Mash 90 at 148 90 min boil. Imperial Independence yeast. Ferment at 64* OG 1.074 IBU 55 How does this...
  15. Dixon9717

    Muscular Dystrophy.

    My God Daughter who is 19 and her brother (my nephew) who is 15 suffer from MD. We have been raising money for them to get a wheelchair accessible van or a conversion kit for the van the family currently owns. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. If not no shame Id just like...
  16. Dixon9717

    New wine maker

    Been brewing beer for a couple years and my wife showed an interest in wine making so got her a beginners wine kit. Now we need a simple first time recipe and procedure for a decent fruit wine. Any help is greatly appreciated
  17. Dixon9717

    Pinched nerve

    I have a pinched nerve in my neck due to cervical disc degeneration and arthritis.(damn that sounds like I'm talking about somebody old) It's causing tingling and numbness down my right arm and hand. Anyone else experience this? If so what should I expect. I'll get an MRI after the New Year to...
  18. Dixon9717

    kegs and bottling bucket?

    Is it necessary to rack into the bottling bucket when kegging? yesterday I racked straight from primary to keg and left about 1 1/2" of beer on the bottom so I wouldn't suck up any trub. That's after I cold crashed for about 3 days. Is this a good practice or not?
  19. Dixon9717

    Please Critique this Robust Porter recipe

    5.5 gallons 11lb 2 row 81.48% 1lb c-90 7.41% .5lb black patent malt 3.7% .5lb chocolate malt 3.7% .5lb honey malt 3.7% 1oz northern Brewer 45 min 1oz Northern Brewer...
  20. Dixon9717

    Need a new C02 regulator

    My CL used regulator crapped out on me and I have no idea about regulators. Looking for a dual gauge quality one at a reasonable price. Appreciate any advice. Thanks.......