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  1. Steveruch

    Preventing burglary

    The O P asked about ways to prevent burglary, not for ways to reenact the shoot out at the Okay Corral.
  2. Steveruch

    Pilsen Malt - Malteries Franco-Belges or Best Malz

    Never used F-B, but very happy with pilsner brewed with Bestmaltz.
  3. Steveruch

    Another “fermentation stalled” thread

    That yeast is known for dropping out pretty quickly. You may want to rouse it and give it a few more days.
  4. Steveruch

    Dry hopping an imperial black IPA

    Amarillo plays well with simcoe.
  5. Steveruch

    My latest: amarillo apa

    The honey was just to boost the O G. There was no taste or aroma of honey in the beer.
  6. Steveruch

    Capper for Martinelli's Sparkling Cider bottles???

    FWIW I just had the last bottle of a mead batch from 2002 that was in a Martinelli's bottle.
  7. Steveruch

    My latest: amarillo apa

    2 gallons 1.048-1.007 2 lbs golden light dme 8 ozs caramel 60 malt 1 oz black patent 4 ozs clover honey .25 oz amarillo .75 oz amarillo BRY-97
  8. Steveruch

    Capper for Martinelli's Sparkling Cider bottles???

    Any capper used on beer bottles will work.
  9. Steveruch

    My latest: amarillo apa

  10. Steveruch

    Black Friday BLOWOUT @ Kegconnection + $100 Gift Card Giveaway

    Almost out of ingredients, $50 or $100 would come in real handy.
  11. Steveruch

    Who's drinking what for Turkey day?

    Whatever I have on hand.
  12. Steveruch

    Preventing burglary

    A big dog with a deep bark will send someone who doesn't belong running.
  13. Steveruch

    Sluggish fermentation with Omega 004/West Coast yeast?

    1.103 or 1.013? I'd give it two weeks in primary then check the gravity. Secondary is totally unnecessary.
  14. Steveruch

    No-Boil Recipes! New for 2019!

    I havent done an official ESB no-boil yet, but have done an ordinary bitter. I'm a terrible note taker, but as near as I can recall: 2 gallons 1 lb golden light dme .75 lb wheat dome 12 ozs maris otter pale ale malt 3 ozs crystal 80 malt 1 oz pale chocolate malt 1.25 ozs EKGs .25 oz mittlefruh...
  15. Steveruch

    Sluggish fermentation with Omega 004/West Coast yeast?

    What's the final gravity?
  16. Steveruch

    Pennsylvania Hop growing

    Anyone growing hops in the vicinity of Pittsburgh?
  17. Steveruch

    What's your favorite Homebrewing magazine?

    I get BYO and Zymurgy. If I had to pick one I'd go with Zymurgy (I'm a regular contributor to Zymurgy).
  18. Steveruch

    Single stage fermentation?

    Over the summer I brewed a wild blackberry wheat beer and added the blackberries in the primary; it came out good.