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  1. LKHA

    Sunday brew

    Ten gallons of an easy drinker today need min of 30 for the summer
  2. LKHA

    No chill

    tried this twice this winter out of pure laziness. Both times was hard to start fermentation with dry yeast but both turned out great. I am in Iowa so worked in winter would not try in summer. both beers are good drinkers.
  3. LKHA

    Control power

    On my current control box I pull my 110 power off one of the main legs and it works great. thinking out loud on future project could I use a L14 style connector and use one of the prongs to carry a separate 110
  4. LKHA

    PID selection

    when I built my system the PID of choice was a SYL-2352 and have started to work on plans for my dual fuel system and it seams that the PID of choice has changed to the 2362. Just wondering why?
  5. LKHA

    Reivew of build

    I built this one controller(cheaper more operator involvement) full electric with a lot of help from the people on this site. After many brews I want to review it for you thinking about building one. The mash tun was purchased from Midwest and it works great maintaining temp(pre heat). The...
  6. LKHA

    electric brew with no electric

    Just completed mash electricity to town goes out have sparge water heated so hope to be back up to boil
  7. LKHA

    converting the all electic

    After the last brew session SSR failure i am stepping up the time frame for converting my all electric system to a dual fuel system so I have a back up and also more mobility with the rig. The plan is to install a banjo burner under the HLT and boil pot with the HLT being controlled with a...
  8. LKHA

    SSR Failure

    at start of boil temp was coming up nice when it happened. Have had many brews on my rig with out a hitch. The line side of the ssr was where the failure occurred. By passed the SSR and continued on with the boil at 100%(i really missed the option to dial back the output). Measured the amp draw...
  9. LKHA

    u stream feed

    will attempt to do a bud clone all graain and smoke a 4 lb brisket to day http://www.ustream.tv/channel/h-and-h-brew
  10. LKHA

    brisket rub

    need a rub for my first brisket this week end dont want to buy one any ideas will be great
  11. LKHA

    corned beef

    looking for a recipe for this will be first thanks in advance
  12. LKHA

    ustream now

    trying too stream our brew day stop by and say hi http://www.ustream.tv/broadcaster/7139723
  13. LKHA

    plate chiller failure

    first attempt to use to day and it plugged so i think could not pump through it water worked fine yesterday in test run will run a test again but this sucked today. brew did have 7 oz of hops
  14. LKHA

    Nb old no 1

    A few ? about this kit( http://www.northernbrewer.com/default/northern-no-1-limited-edition-all-grain-kit.html ) I have ordered it for my new yews brew and getting ready for it. I will be making my first starter (OG 1.114) do not have a stir plate. With 18 lbs of grain should I do 2 sparges I...
  15. LKHA

    plate chiller

    I received a plate chiller for a Christmas gift and am reading the directions and it says to use a screen to prevent plugging the chiller. I use a keggle and pump but what do i need a braid on the discharge to keep from plugging
  16. LKHA

    first infection

    Have had a citrus off flavor all summer in at least 4 batches and had a couple of fellow brewers confirmed i have a infection. I try to be very careful but some how it has happened and my question is how to get it cleaned up. we currently use PBW to clean and easy clean for sanitizer.
  17. LKHA

    first blow off

    brewed a American Ale yesterday and dumped it on a cake of Nottingham I am glad I have started to use a blow off hose because less than 24hrs I i have a mess in the bottom of the ferment fridg. All will be good just amess to clean up
  18. LKHA

    need help finding a recipe

    Want to brew a barley wine type beer on the first. HHave plenty of beer in pipeline so that is not a problem also a wine maker so the wait is not a problem. My system is a 10 gal gott with keg boil kettle (elec) so should be able to do most any recipe. I have been looking a cant decide what...
  19. LKHA

    freeze hops

    can you freeze hops Thanks in advance
  20. LKHA


    Should i re pitch before bottling on a batch of "This buds for you" all grain from Midwest that has been setting at 40 deg for 42 days per the directions. If i do what process do I use thanks in advance