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  1. FromZwolle

    Weak homebrew

    did you taste it before you added yeast? was it very sweet? is it sweet still? just because it doesn't taste boozy doesn't mean that it doesn't have a fair bit of alcohol. how carbonated is it? i find that the flavors are quite 'flat' when beer has not fully carbonated yet.
  2. FromZwolle

    Yeast recycling

    close enough, but i wouldn't use this since it's sitting in an open container exposed to whatever yeasts, molds, and bacteria in the air.
  3. FromZwolle

    Do you have to modify a brew kettle so it has a filter like a mash tun?

    IC goes in 15 minutes before the boil ends to sanitize, then start the whirlpool at flameout. I continue to poolin until i've hit my pitching temps, then pump into the fermenter instead of back into the boil kettle.
  4. FromZwolle

    Do you have to modify a brew kettle so it has a filter like a mash tun?

    i whirlpool while i'm chiling with my immersion chiller.
  5. FromZwolle

    Do you have to modify a brew kettle so it has a filter like a mash tun?

    the 'easiest' way is with a pump. the cheap and easy way is to stirr it up with a mash paddle or a spoon carved from the bones of your enemies.
  6. FromZwolle

    How do you all cool your wort?

    Those two things aren't quite related. It's good to rapidly cool the wort to lock in the bitterness, flavor, and aroma from your hop additions. Good sanitation procedures and a healthy yeast pitch are going to be your top methods of preventing infections. If you don't have the means or money...
  7. FromZwolle

    Worried this may be infected. Any advice?

    if you're real curious, you can get/make a gasket and use some clear plastic or glass as a lid. until then, keep your mitts off it and keep the lid on until you're ready to bottle or keg! :mug:
  8. FromZwolle

    Is this an infection I’m so confused

    never had one, but i think it's just chocolate milk and seltzer water.
  9. FromZwolle

    Is this an infection I’m so confused

    the fat is from emulsified oils and will certainly kill head retention. The first picture looks a lot like a chocolate egg creme, which would make sense if the cocoa powder had powdered dairy and/or whey in it. https://www.godairyfree.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Chocolate-Egg-Cream-pin.jpg
  10. FromZwolle

    Back from hiatus - should I keep my old grain or toss it?

    might take a little longer than normal for conversion, but you should be alright. stick to a style with a bit of character (lots of roast or toffee or hops) and i doubt you'll be able to taste anything off even if you're really looking for it.
  11. FromZwolle

    Feed the fermentation when dry hopping in a carboy?

    that said, you can for sure add more fermentables, but the character of the dry hop should change a bit due to the biotransformation that actively fermenting yeast will give.
  12. FromZwolle

    Feed the fermentation when dry hopping in a carboy?

    dry hop in the keg. then you can easily taste the level (with carbed beer) and remove them when you're happy.
  13. FromZwolle

    yellow jackets in my wort

    did you make them spit the beer out? greedy little jerks!
  14. FromZwolle

    What is it??? Ale? Lager? ???

    you really want me to win again? ;)
  15. FromZwolle

    What is it??? Ale? Lager? ???

    maybe he wanted to play this game: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f85/time-play-can-you-name-style-pictures-game-252536/ OP, you're welcome to join in.
  16. FromZwolle

    Brewing with Insects?!?!

    he's probably just too buzzzzzed to remember this thread. :cross:
  17. FromZwolle

    What am I getting myself into?

    you can make brewing as complicated or as simple as you want. either way, you still get beer! here's a pretty simple hefe recipe to try out https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f70/simple-hefeweizen-186432/
  18. FromZwolle

    What would You do?

    with some fermcap.
  19. FromZwolle

    Lack of hoppiness

    wet or dried homegrown hops?
  20. FromZwolle

    New guy

    i figured it was something like that, but i didn't want to have someone to read it and get mixed up. :mug: