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  1. chefmike

    Link to sausage recipes

    This is a huge list linked from a blog I read occasionally: Northwest smoking I am in no way associated with them, but I found them and have stolen ideas. Several of you have asked about various recipes. good place to start.
  2. chefmike

    Simple pepperoni

    This makes a very nice pepperoni for cooking or cracker plates. Very lean when finished. Ingredients: 2 pounds lean ground beef (85% lean or leaner) 2 teaspoons liquid smoke flavoring (omit if smoking) 2 teaspoons ground black pepper (or whole crushed lightly) 2 teaspoons mustard seed...
  3. chefmike

    Any thoughts on my unintentional experiment

    So it has been a year. Original thread is here I never saw the ferment happen, the carboy is chipped (fruit fly got in?) and 4 weeks after pitching on a yeast cake a white pellicle formed. It has never dissapeared. So I finally got up the balls to pull a sample and taste it. It is at...
  4. chefmike

    dripping on a perlick 525

    Like the title says, I have a steady drip on one of my new style perlick forward sealing faucets. I took it apart, cleaned it with a brush, cannot see any problems. Still dripped on reassembly. I am going to be searching for a parts list on the perlick site, see if I am missing something...
  5. chefmike

    brew day audible

    I am currently brewing my first bavarian weiss of the year. :ban: I was going to rack the 2nd 5 gallons of blonde ale from a batch and clean that fermenter and use it. Racked the 1st 5 gallons Wednesday. I heard the thing bubble in the fermentation chamber. Didnt really think about it...
  6. chefmike

    Plumbers: weird water meter readings

    My water bills have climbed over the last few months. At first, I did not think much about it: more laundry, more brewing :), something. This past month was too much and I started looking back and I had more than doubled indicated water usage since summer. I went out and checked the meter...
  7. chefmike

    coffee stout cake

    just had a piece of this last night... it is a good cake. moist and dense, not too sweet. Chocolate Stout Cake Adapted from the Barrington Brewery in Great Barrington, MA via Bon Appetit This recipe was originally intended to make a layer cake of 3 8-inch rounds. Upon many reviewers’...
  8. chefmike

    olllllo up on the roof: I want a bud light lime!

    I love Christmas traditions I wish I had been in the sunny southwest to see
  9. chefmike

    Holiday Cooking Projects 2009

    I am wondering what folks are cooking this year. I imagine several of us are planning food and beer for the holidays. I started tonight: 2 turkeys- one for the smoker, one to fry (wife's request) 5lbs of pepperoni- simple ground beef recipe Fattys- testing one this week with ground turkey...
  10. chefmike

    ever break a gas in collar (ball Lock)?!?!?

    Collar fell off in my hand after detaching from keg. spring, collar, ball bearings. Is this common? Rare, but not unheard of? Or am I special? :fro:
  11. chefmike

    Dumping this batch: Infected

    So I brewed a batch. Pitched it on a cake. I did not really see it ferment, I was busy. all is well.... then, four weeks later: I say to myself, "Self, that ain't right." There was no head on this last week.... What to do? what to do? It smells fine... kind of... So then...
  12. chefmike

    Portable keg gas opinions

    I wanted to hear what people think about the various portable options. I have the choice to buy either an adapter for 20oz CO2 tank (paintball style pin valve type) or do the portable keg charger both of these would be pushing a 5 foot hose and a party tap. Just for me and the wife (at the...
  13. chefmike

    HBT banner ad- going goth?

    I am laughing at this ad: Is there a growing trend around here? I will start wearing my eyeliner and fire up the Sisters of Mercy album if need be!
  14. chefmike

    how payday should work

    I just saw this bit on twitter: That would inspire folks in the workplace I think...
  15. chefmike

    understanding the efficiency calculator on tasty brew.com

    Help me understand what this is telling me: Maybe I am not understanding the whole efficiency deal. I did not adjust anything from the recipe. I just plugged it in (it cited a brewhouse efficiency of 80%) on the recipe. I nailed the amounts on the recipe. I know I am doing fine, but...
  16. chefmike

    Building a walk in refrigerated room?

    Maybe this product has been found and discussed, but I wanted to throw it out there in case anyone is heading this direction. Cool-Bot modifies a window AC unit for use as a refrigeration device. $300 for the temp controller. Available on ebay or from the site. I have not started...
  17. chefmike

    Celebrating my first 10 gallon batch

    I love it when it all comes together! I did a simple wheat beer: 14 lbs wheat malt 8 lbs vienna 1 lb rice hulls 153 degrees for 90 minutes. Half is in a cube to No-chill and the other half went into the fermentation chamber to finish chilling to 52 degrees (from 80 degrees) then I...
  18. chefmike

    4VG and flavor in wheat beer

    I dug this out of an old HBD while researching hefe style for my next brew. Any thoughts? Has anyone played with these variables to maximize clove flavors?
  19. chefmike

    please evaluate my crush

    Thoughts? [/IMG]
  20. chefmike

    my 2005 hops for ??? (beer & fresh hops?)

    I bought a bunch of stuff from a guy of CL... among the piles of crap were 2 oz each of centennial and amarillo: from 2005. Originally 10.4% and 9.5% respectively. They are sealed right now, and I have yet to open them. vacuum packed, SAID they were stored in freezer. I have never done a...